Everything, Everything: By Nicola Yoon

I have always loved movies and books that have a captivating, on-the-edge-of-my-seat storyline from beginning to end. Everything, Everything is one of those books.

A girl, Maddy, sick since she was young, has been cooped up in her house for 18 years to keep safe under her mothers watch. Maddy, now an observant teenager, has never left the glass doors shielding her from the world beyond. She has always adored the backdrop of the ocean and nature itself, but she has never thought to leave her home…until now.

On her 18th birthday, she continues her traditions as the years grow, playing Scrabble, watching movies and enjoying a sugary vanilla cake topped with intricate daisies.

Soon after she turns 18, a boy moves in next door. She has rarely experienced company, or visitors, and one night the boy (Ollie) delivers a bundt cake. Ok, sure, that may seem like a minor detail, but really that is what got this book started. This small gesture wills her mind to think. What does a bundt cake taste like? Why does Ollie wear only one color of clothes?

After that day, her life changed for the better. She learned how to be confident of her decisions, and experience a new feeling for the boy next door.

Ollie and Maddy form a relationship. Will Maddy’s sickness keep her from following her heart? You will just have to wait and read the book!