I lay on the grass
With my eyes to the sky,
And as I watch the stars sparkle
Peacefully, I begin to fly.
I soar above the chimneys
Spilling savory aromas from their flues,
And frolic by a window to listen
To a man playing the blues.
The sun began seeping through my windows
And I flurried from my bed,
But tomorrow night I will be back,
Right back to dream and rest my head.


Authors Note:

Have you ever felt so content when lost in a dream that when you wake up, you feel rested and ready to jump right back into it? I pondered this question in class. This feeling is so rare and wonderful! My poem is named “Dream”. It is about a boy resting in the grass, beginning to slip into a relaxing fairy tale.

I wanted to create a poem that not only describes a happy, soothing moment, but to hint that at the end of the day, no matter what kind of day you had, you can always feel this calm feeling in your dreams. Sometimes I don’t have dreams, but when I do imagine of something peaceful, I always wake up fresh and ready to start the day.

I like to relate this poem to Peter Pan. The boy in my poem has a excellent imagination, dancing among chimneys and wandering through the clouds, just like Peter showing Wendy the way to Neverland. I seemed to have that mindset the whole way through. I chose this piece because the rhyming and word choice came naturally to me and I seem to have a personal connection with this topic.