Summer is the time of the year with no school with no stress with no anxiety. Its the time to have fun. Time to celebrate your survival of the past year. The time to sleep and sleep and sleep…

This summer I cant wait to have the tiny rocks from the beach rub against my feet, to have the ocean salt sting my nose, to have the wind from the crashing waves brush against my skin. And to be able to dive right into the clear blue water.

But this summer that’s exactly what I’m not doing instead I’m spending all my summer in a Boston dorm and going to dance classes daily for five weeks. To push every muscle in my body to its limits. To bend over back just to try to get my leg higher. To spend the entire summer in side a room the hundreds of other dancers who are trying to do the same as me. To try and be noticed by the director. To be complemented instead of corrected.

It might not sound like fun but for a dancer its one of the best things that can happen to you. To be accepted to the third highest school in the country. To go and just get better and better and getting accepted to better and better ones each year. Or maybe even getting asked specifically to come and join their full year round school. Every dancer dreams of this experience that I’m going to get.

But its not all serious work you get to go see New York, to go shopping all over Boston, to see a broadway play, and to have no parents all summer! My summer is filled with one thing, and its the one thing that I really want to do.

The Creek

The rush of the current brushing against your legs. The cold, clear water with the reflection of the sun blinding your eyes. The felling of the rocks scratching the bottom of your feet.

The feeling never leaves you. The excitement the joy the fun. Either with friends or family. The love of it never goes away. The never ending need to go.

The quick plan that happens a day before going. Causing excitement and anticipation. Waiting through school and other activities until finally being able to leave the world behind and relax.

The feeling of diving under the water where there’s no feeling of being seen or judged and an entirely new world to explore. The feeling of isolation where the only form of life is the fish and creatures living there that don’t have a single thought in there head.

The Creek is where I go to be alone and with myself where no one is around except for me.

The Mountains

What if all the things in the world just stopped? If everything in the world would stop just long enough so you could see the bigger picture? You would see all those people that you stood over. All those people that you pushed down, further under you just to make you feel better about yourself. But then you’d realize that there were some people that placed themselves higher, even higher than you.

People place themselves on hills or even mountains. They push everyone under themselves lower, lower, and lower. Trying harder and harder just to raise themselves up. But, they never realize it. Not until they find themselves lost with no where to go but higher when where they want to be is lower.

You place yourself on hills everyday without even knowing. Never knowing how big the problem that your creating is. When you put yourself on a hill the people under you get pushed lower and lower until there all the way towards the bottom with no where to go. What you do can cause everything to tumble down. Changes the way you are viewed as a person. Changes everything.

You need to keep everyone level. Not to tower over them. Not to push them down. Not to ever judge or ridicule any body.  Never raise yourself up or push each other down. Live in the same level.

Spring Break

Spring break is the time when everything just stops. School stops, work stops and anything can happen.

Many people think that you have to go somewhere for spring break, like the beach, water parks, and anywhere around the county. But for me spring break is about having sister days and going to south-by-southwest, all things that can only happen in Austin. My family never travels anywhere, the only place I remember going to is Chicago. But you don’t need to go to fancy and expensive places to still have an amazing spring break. You can go to “escape the room” downtown or to the graffiti park. No need to spend money to go to the beach where you might only stay for a day. You can stay in town and spend money for things the entire family can enjoy.

Spring break also consists of relaxing and sleeping in. Most people-like me- don’t want to wake up and be in a rush to go somewhere. Over spring break you decide when and where you want to go. You can plan things that everyone will enjoy and you all will. If your in my family we would wake up a 5 am just so we can get to the beach at a reasonable time. But in spring break you can just sit around and do nothing with nothing like homework on your mind. You can just relax.

Spring break is supposed to consist of nothing. Its just supposed to freeze everything. Just long enough for you to have a break and just relax and have fun!!

Why God?

Many people have different religions and different beliefs. But this is why My God is the greatest best of all the others.

God can be many things to many different people. God can be: only thing that people think about all day, everyday, something that doesn’t even cross people’s mind, or something you think about but don’t obsess over. God can be someone that picks you up when your down. God makes everything lay out the way it needs to just for you. God can also push you down to show you the bigger picture.

When MLK was put I jail he knew that he shouldn’t give up, he knew that God was going to make things right. MLK believed that God was going to always be by his side through good and bad, and will always be there to pick him back up when he gets knocked down.

Also just like Rosa Parks when getting told to go sit at the back of the bus. She knew that no one could hurt her for what she believed in. She thought that if she broke the rules that God whould forgive her and show her the right path to take to show people what she believes in.

So-many people have many different ways to interpret God and many reasons to have God in their life’s. God is why every action and every belief is possible.

Why SAB is the Best

Over the summer I’m supposed to do these five week dance intensive. Basically you have to audition for different schools in the country then if you get into any you can decide to go spend the summer there. One school that I auditioned for was SAB (school of American ballet). It’s supposed to be the best in the county but these reasons are why I like it…


SAB is the best school in the country that you can get into. Not only is it a great school but there’s tons of greater things that make it appealing to me. One is that it’s a Balanchine school (it’s just a certain type of ballet). You get to dance with choreographers from all around the US and you don’t only have to do ballet, they have more options like Jazz, Ballroom, Contemporary, Hip Hop and a lot of others. But it’s not only about the school that impresses me but it’s about where the school is located that makes it really appealing. The school lies in one of the busiest cities and in the best location. SAB is a studio built right next the the Lincoln Center in New York. We also have dorms over the Lincoln Center. And it is also a great career starter. If I get in to SAB then I might even get asked to stay for a year round education. Meaning that I move permanently to New York and start taking classes and hopefully becoming a Prima.


But even with all the great things about SAB there are some down sides to going. First, the intensive in total costs thousands of dollars not including the transportation. Second, it is a five week camp meaning that I have to go live in New York for five weeks without my parents and anyone there that I know and in such a big city. Third, if I get in then that means having to move away from all my family in Austin and all of my friends that I’ve made. But I still don’t know if I get in until the end of the week. *Fingers crossed*

The Water

The bright sun reflecting off the water. The sounds of waves crashing and seagulls screaming. The feeling of sand between your toes with every step you take. The smell of the salty fresh air. The wind so fast it constantly pushes your hair back. The sensation of jumping into the blue crystal water. The warmth of the sun rays blazing on your shoulders. The sting of the cold salty water the splashes in your eyes.
Looking out towards the great ocean of water. Thinking what will happen if you go and never come back. Then you will be truly alone. You think maybe I’ll go. There will be no more struggle or pain.



You sometimes feel the sensations in life to just give up but you should not take in to those temptations. But you should never feel like the only way to feel better is to just disappear. God is always in your life hoping that you will make the right decision. He has a plan for you and he knows just how to make it better.

Genesis 6:19-21

Recently my dog just passed away. We at first took her in as a stray. She would at times run away but she would always come back in the next hour or so, and she would never even make it out of the neighborhood. But lately she’s been getting out further and further each time. She would sometimes run down 1826 and cross the road (this wasn’t how she died).
This past weekend we got a call saying that she had run away with my other dog and was at a house on 1826. Later that evening, late at night we drove out to the mans house. The man who owned the house came out and told us that one dog had drowned. The man shined is flashlight over by the pool. Sitting by it was my newest puppy dumpling shaking in the cold looking down into the water. My dad walked close to the water and moved my puppy aside and held her while I got the leash on her. In the pool was my dog. Laying on the bottom of the one foot pool with small fragments of frozen ice laying over her.
My dad pulled her out. Meanwhile I was holding my puppies leash trying not to fall over from her running in circles crying. We took my dog home and ended up barrying her in my back yard. Ever since then my puppy has been depressed and sad but now that makes me want to play with her more to make her feel better.
Before my puppy was a super hyper dog but now since she’s sad it’s been fun running around with her and see her playing instead of crying. Having this experience made me think of what God told Noah before building his ark.


19“And of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. 20“Of the birds after their kind, and of the animals after their kind, of every creeping thing of the ground after its kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive. 21“As for you, take for yourself some of all food which is edible, and gather it to yourself; and it shall be for food for you and for them.”


what this makes me think is that God has get rid of something to make it better. But for him it’s hard to entirely start over. So he kept some to remember what was before. I think my puppy is the thing that he made sure to keep. Something needs to be gone to make it even better.

Romans 12:1-2

12 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.


In this verse it is telling you that you shouldn’t lose sight of gods purpose and his will to help you and your will to live your life through him. Its telling you that you shouldn’t forget that your purpose on earth is to follow god and his word. He is telling you to go and give up yourself to him just as he gave up himself for you.

Over the past weeks myself and others have gotten wrapped up in Christmas and Thanksgiving and all the things with the presents and the turkey but we forgot why we do all of these things and who we do them for. We cant forget the true reason we celebrate Christmas. We forgot that we do everything for him. For Jesus. For God.

Getting Ready

start with
the many, Many,
MANY strands of lights,
one thousand tiny bulbs blinking
brightly up and down the
soon to be Christmastree, Then I
move onto the golden ribbons, three long
strands covered in glitter reflecting the bright lights
into my joy filled eyes running down the soon
to be Christmas tree, Then I move onto the THOUSANDS
upon THOUSANDS of ornaments, dressed in metallic
gold, silver and red that are running down the soon
to be Christmas tree, Then I move onto the tree skirt, with
its millions of patterns adorning at the bottom of
the soon to be Christmas tree, Then I move onto the presents,
small and TALL boxes wrapped with a rainbow of colors
and big and small bows lying on top, surrounding the
trunk of the soon to be Christmas tree, Then finally to top it all
off, I move onto the greatest
thing of all on my Christmas tree,
The shining, twinkling, glorious star, with glitter and gold sitting right on top of the now completed Christmas tree. But Christmas is more about God and or families coming together, now it’s complete.

By: Katelyn Glover

Authors Note
When I was thinking of what to write for my poem I thought “what is something that is exciting that always makes me happy?” And I knew I wanted to do a concrete poem and Christmas was the perfect thing. It has the perfect shape of the tree and it’s something that everyone can relate to that also makes you excited. I also liked when reading my other classmates how they used very descriptive words, so I decided to add them to my poem. I also liked how some authors in a book that I read made some descriptive words into what they were describing, like when I made the word “tall” into “TALL.” I hope my readers will take the excitement from my poem into their excitement for Christmas. I hope that my poem makes my readers anxious for wanting to get all the holiday decorations out and decorating the tree.