The Effects of Virtual Reality

Playstation VR Move Controller

Creative Commons Licensedronepicr via Compfight


Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation where you can personally interact with the simulated environment. My experiences with virtual reality have been really positive. Last year, with my team Sociecity in Future City, we researched the benefits and affects virtual reality can cause. (In Future City, we had to design a Sim City, create a model of our city, write an essay, and present our project. We had to consider all the engineering aspects, the population increase, transportation, sewage, etc.)

Virtual reality can cause slight dizziness and fatigue when used for too long. This can cause many problems in the future, like what we choose to happen in Sociecity. The technology was introduced to citizens to use instead of driving to work every day. This caused some positive results, some of which include less traffic congestion and pollution, and more available office space. Although, there were more drawbacks than benefits. Citizens in Sociecity weren’t interacting with friends and family enough, and were not visiting public spaces. The office spaces that were once used, were now vandalized.

I believe that this will be one of the major problems in the future. Technology will become more advanced, and like what happened in Sociecity, citizens will be less motivated do activities other than using virtual reality.

The first time I used virtual reality was amazing. It was about four months ago when my brother had lent me his headset. While this may have caused a little eye strain on my part-the whole experience was impressive.

I think that the rising plethora of technology will negatively impact us. Remember: don’t use virtual reality for too long. This can cause health declinations and decrease your motivations to interact with people. Although virtual reality can be fun, be aware of the disadvantages-both long and short-term.