“It’s all in the mind.”       -George Harrison

Imagine our world without feelings. Emotions. Sentiment. Belief. Opinion.

Our world would be unrecognizable—filled with blandness and uniformity.

Anyway, I just finished the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. This novel evokes to me of how important emotions—self-esteem, empathy, and joy—are. In The Giver, there is no emotion, no color, no choice. Before I read this book, I did not appreciate the avail of emotion. It would be impossible for me to live without sentiments like satisfaction, euphoric happiness, and even dread.

This world would be unrecognizable and not as advanced and developed as it is today without diversity. Without this, uniqueness and personality in every individual would be taken away; everyone would be almost exactly the same. Personality adds character, rectitude, and pride. After all, who would we be if personality did not make us what we are?

In The Giver, Jonas finally experiences emotion and love when he meets his adopted brother, Gabriel. He discovers the value and importance of a simple piece of himself—that most of us take for granted.