Home vs School

What is the big difference between homeschooling and regular schooling?

Being at school takes up around seven hours out of our day—totaling about 47 hours each week, not including homework. There’s no competition with homeschooling, like there is with going to a private or public school. A homeschooled child usually uses an online program, a parent, or a tutor. These students usually have a special skill or talent that they practice or perform. Homeschooled students may have a better education—or a worse. Because there is no requirement from the state to what a tutor or parent must cover, homeschooled students may be weaker in a subject. Homeschooled student’s teachers must cover SAT material, if they want to apply for college.

I believe that schooled children have a greater advantage that homeschooled, because of the lack of cooperation and teamwork students will need in their career. In addition, homeschooled children do not receive as much peer interaction and may suffer emotionally.