Phantom’s Lair

A place filled with hate—
Beyond the glistening lake
Beyond the golden bridge connecting light and dark
Past the chandeliers losing their spark

Was the Phantom’s lair

Confined in darkness
The Phantom becomes heartless
Forced to hide in his somber fortress









And sad


Consumed by anger and rage
His lair is like a cage
That masks his personality
With perfect harmony

Spider webs creeping along the cold stone walls
Dying candles decorate the faded halls

Forming dwindled memories forced not to be recalled

By the family that rejected

The Phantom


Left alone to the storm
That taunt a face—deformed
And disfigured
While his soul withered
Like the happiness in his lair


Statues seemingly frozen in midair
Iron gates ready to ensnare
Dazed trespassers’ stares
Becoming anyone’s worst nightmare