I chose volleyball because I really like to play it! I play indoor volleyball, not beach volleyball though (that’s what the people in the picture are playing). It’s a lot of fun! I play for my school’s (WRMS) A-team. We had a tournament last weekend and we got third place in the Winner’s Bracket! B team got first place in the General Bracket! 

My Current Book!

The book I am currently reading in called Mademoiselle Chanel by C.W. Gortner. It is about Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the famous fashion designer, and her life before and during her prime time in the world of fashion and haute couture. It is mostly takes place in France and around close parts of Europe. When Coco Chanel is very young, her mother dies and her father abandons her, so she and her two sisters are sent to an orphanage, and her two brothers are sent to work. The nuns at her orphanage teach her how to sew, and they see that she is very skilled at sewing and embroidering. They help her build up her skills all the way until she is 18, and she leaves the orphanage. After some parts that will spoil the story(😉), she opens up a shop, and her business (over the years) grows and grows and grows! Want the whole story? Read the book!


☆Cheerleading teaches you how to work as a team. You also have to have really good time management. Check out this video of the Topgun Large Coed professional cheer team at UCA 2018! If you want to learn more, go to this site.☆

My Weekend

My weekend was really fun! On friday I went roller skating with my friends at a birthday party. On Saturday morning, I went to my aunts baby shower and that was really fun! Then on Saturday, I went to a dinner party at my other aunts house. I saw all of my cousins (there’s a lot of them). Sunday afternoon, I went to my grandmas condo and my brother and I went swimming in the rain (in a pool). After that two more of my aunts and uncles came there and we had another dinner party. So in conclusion, I had a very family-filled weekend.