Living Among the Books at the Library

Living among the books at the library.

Swimming about in your own little sea.

With those big wandering eyes,

You stare back at me.


When those big library doors swoosh open,

My imagination runs wild.

There’s nothing that will stop me

As I set off with a smile.


I’d sprint and run with all my might,

until you come into view.

Taking a right past the front desk,

where your ginormous aquarium loomed.


The tank stretching up to the ceiling,

and reaching out to the corners of the wall.

Home to thousands of vibrant fish,

I always attempt to count you all.


Darting here and darting there

I’d stand with my nose to the glass.

Scouting you out behind the monstrous rocks,

And peering through the plastic grass.


I’d sit on the cold, smooth black marble ledge

And grin from ear to ear.

Sitting among the fish at the library,

I was content and satisfied here.


Like when your favorite song comes on

or finding free WiFi.

Watching those glistening fish,

makes you light up a little inside.


To you I’m just a foreign creature

that visits you every now and then.

But you have no idea how much you mean to me,

And how I wish to see you time and time again.



Author’s Note:

My poem is about a library fish tank at the Cupertino Library in California. I loved going to that library not only because I loved to read, but because they had the most amazing fish tank. When I was little I would sit on the little ledge and watch the fish. It is one of my happiest memories.

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