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Tosses, Spins and What Else?

Good afternoon bloggers and blog-readers!

This week–Tuesday through Thursday– were Westlake Cadets/Elite Visual Ensemble tryouts. Cadets is for middle schoolers, and Elite Visual Ensemble is when we get into high school. It is so much fun! I talked about it a little bit in an earlier post, but I really didn’t get into it much. When we go to Westlake Cadets practice, we warm up for about 30-ish minutes, and then work a bunch on tosses, spins, dances, tons more and something I feel like I am forgetting. Anyways, my personal specialty is the drops. Yep, dropping my flag/s is what I am the best at.  Nobody, and I mean nobody can drop it as well as I can! Auditions are two and a half hours long each, so that means seven and a half hours total. It was long, but well worth it–my close friends and I made it in! We were so excited when we found out.

We will start two hour practices Tuesday and Thursday next week through the summer. In the fall we will, sense we don’t compete, revert back to once-a-week practices. During December we will go back to twice-a-week practices to get ready for the competitions. I can’t wait to compete with such a great group of girls that I’ve already gotten so close to! Every-other weekend we will compete and I don’t know what the song is or what the costumes look like yet, but I am sure they will be phenomenal!

Tosses, spins and friends. That is what color guard is all about.

Just a heads up, this is the last required blog post. I will try to keep up with my blog, but I have things to do! I am so glad I got this experience to blog and will keep posting. Thanks to whoever reads my blog and shout-out to the international viewers. Thank you!



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Hello Y’all!

Here is a poem that I wrote. I would like to share it with you. It is called The First Day of Spring. Enjoy

People sing
Cats play with string,
It is the first day of spring

Wings are spread.
Leaves are no longer dead.
Outside, books are read.
It is the first day of spring.

Kids climb trees.
You hear and feel the gentle breeze.
Screams caused by the sight of bees.
It is the first day of Spring.

It was once dark.

But now that time has passed,
The sun has gone up fast.
Flowers bloom at last.
It is the first day of spring.
Laughter fills the air,
Children everywhere

Spring has come,
And yet it will soon be done.
Summer is next,
Where there will be no more school subjects.
Then fall,
Where Starbucks will have it all.
Finally winter rolls in
Where cookies will be made and put into tins.

Now all the seasons have come and gone
As I sit here, I think this:
Our life is a drawing
That will be drawn
Our life is a symphony
That will be written
Our life is a book
That will be written
And who is
The artist
The composer
The author
But ourselves?

Thanks for reading all that 🙂

On the other hand….. IT IS FRIDAY!!! Tomorrow I am going to The Escape Room, and I am really excited! I also did a baking project for GT this week. I altered the classic chocolate chip cookie in 8 different ways–

-Melted butter instead of butter
-Butter-flavored Crisco instead of butter
-All brown sugar
-All granulated sugar
-Only baking powder (no baking soda)
-Only baking soda (no baking powder)
-Chilled dough (2 hours)
-1/2 cup flour addition

It overall was a great and fun experience! I can’t wait for everyone to see–and taste–my project!

Have a great day!
AOTD: Probably Theater or Choir!

-K <3



Birthday hats, lasting memories, staying up late just talking with your friends. I love birthdays and everything that you can do with your friends on them.

Birthdays are amazing. Here are great birthday ideas for all the days of the week:
Monday: Go get ice cream and have your party on Saturday.
Tuesday: Go get gelato and have your party on Saturday.
Wednesday: Go get frozen yogurt and have your party on Saturday.
Thursday: Go to a movie and have your party on Friday.
Friday: Invite your friends over for a slumber party and watch movies!
Saturday: Invite your friends over Friday night and have a slumber party until the special day!*
Sunday: Invite your friends over Saturday night and have a slumber party until the special day!*

*Stay up until Midnight and celebrate your birthday right then!

My birthday is on a Sunday this year, so I will party it up until midnight 🙂

I love birthdays. Celebrating them and giving/getting gifts. Making lasting memories, doing stuff with your friends. Nothing about birthdays are bad.


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Why I Can’t Wait For Summer!

Beaches…Nonstop hanging with your friends…No homework…No School…Life is good in the Summer–and I can not wait for it.

One reason I can’t wait for Summer is that you can hang out with your friends ALL YOU WANT! No school telling you that you can’t stay up because you have homework, or because you have a test. You can go to beaches with your friends, movies, or maybe take a dive in the pool. Whatever cooling activity you want, Summer is the store to go to for it, and everything is in stock. You can get ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt without worrying that your teeth are going to freeze. You can take a video of you and your friends doing the unicorn challenge (it’s as fun as it looks, by the way) and you can do whatever fun slumber party things that you want, because Summer is when you are finally free with your friends. What’s great about Summer is that it has unlimited ideas for you and your besties.

Another reason I can’t wait for Summer is that we don’t have to worry about homework! No more English, Math, Science, History–any–homework! You don’t have to lie down on the ground crying because you have two tests and a quiz tomorrow and you don’t have any time. You don’t have to have a mental breakdown over a math problem. None of that for Summer! Summer is always homework-free! More time for other fun activities and no more drudgery of going to class SEVEN hours a day. That’s another reason I can’t wait for Summer.

Swimming, surfing, sunbathing. Three more reasons that I can’t wait for Summer.




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My Life’s Blueprint

Even though I am only twelve, I have a plan. It may not be finished, but it’s a start.

When I was in Elementary school, I would always help others. I was the first to volunteer if one of my friends needed homework help. I also joined the second grade choir. Then in fifth grade, I started helping lead the second grade choir. It always made me happy to see the smiles on the kids faces. Last summer, I was a Vacation Bible School leader at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church. This year, I can not be a leader because I am going to Italy. (See more about that in a different post) The week after that, I went on a mission trip to San Antonio with the same church. We went to a place called Blueprint (seriously!) Ministries. There, I built houses and learned that even in good areas, there are less fortunate people. And, if there is an ice cream truck, it unfortunately doesn’t always mean that there’s ice cream. (The neighbors had one) I also grew very fond of a kitten that I named Mittens. She had a disease and was a stray. We weren’t allowed to touch any animals, but I couldn’t help it if she cuddled against my shoes! Last semester, I took a course called Kids Helping Kids. I am sure y’all West Ridge kids know what that is, but for those that don’t, or don’t go to WRMS, it is a class where you help out the disabled kids. It was heartwarming!

I also used to take Jazz, Tap, Ballet and others. But now, I take Tap and a new thing– color guard! Rebecca B; Sophie M; Caroline W; Lily B; Tristan C; and Lexi L; Caroline, Tristan and Lexi all go to Hill Country Middle School. I really love to act too! I have been in all of the West Ridge play productions, and hope to continue to do that. I now sing in the church choir and we are going on a retreat this late February. My church youth program is also going on a retreat. It really is great because all of my close friends are Christians, and they help me develop my journey in Christ.  I am also in a Friday morning bible study, where we meet at Lola Savannah, a local coffee shop, and talk. I really enjoy all of my activities, even if my schedule sometimes seems a little…booked.

I hope to continue my ‘blueprint’ by helping others, serving Christ, and performing my heart out!

QOTD: What is your favorite time of day?
AOTD: Mine is at night, or right before you’re about to fall asleep and you can just lay there with no worries! ?


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National Send a Friend a Card Day

Hi y’all!

Tuesday was “National Send a Friend a Card” day. And yes, I celebrated it. I sent all of my really close friends a note in their locker saying happy national…day and saying nice things about them. I loved seeing their face when they opened their locker! Then, at lunch, my friend Natalie called people over to help her with her homework. I was fine– until I was the only one at my table! Later that day, I was very exhausted and ready to go home. I then opened my locker and *plop* out came a note! It was signed by my friends and I love all the thought they put into it! It was saying happy national send a friend a card day and they all said really sweet things about me! These are the friends that you need! (If y’all are reading this, you are AMAZING❣️)

thats all for this one!

QOTD: What pets do you have?

AOTD: My kitten, Emma



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A Dog’s Purpose

Hi y’all!

Why Is A Dog’s Purpose the Saddest Movie Ever?
Last Sunday, My friends and I went to A Dog’s Purpose. It was amazing and crazy sad. I had previously read the book, so it wasn’t surprising, but I was bawling throughout the whole movie. Every single life, I cried at least 5 times. No joke.

In the first part of the movie, the dog was in nature, playing with his brothers and sisters. (ok,ok so maybe I didn’t cry in this part). In the second part, it was awful. He was left in a car, about to die of heat exhaustion, when a mom and her 8 year old son, Ethan, found the dog. They named him Bailey. Ethan and Bailey grew up together, and Ethan often got teased (by Todd) because he brought Bailey everywhere. Ethan’s dad is also an alcoholic, and an abusive husband to his wife. Ethan’s dad gets crazy, and Todd makes fun of Ethan for it. Ethan then punches Todd, and drives off with his girlfriend, Hannah. That also made me cry. Then in the middle of the night, Todd lights Ethan’s house on fire, which, as you obviously know, I cried at that part too. I cried over 20 times in this movie, and that is why I think it is the saddest movie ever.

However, it is a great movie with lots of twists and turns and I recommend it all the way!

QOTD: What is your favorite movie?

AOTD: I think it’s now A Dog’s Purpose, or my other favorite, Blended.



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The News

Hello everyone.
Here is the daily news!

In 1st Period Science (Johnston):
Slime is now banned! You are no longer allowed to have it. We are learning about the respiratory system and how you breathe.  It’s all about alveoli, bronchi, bronchioles, lungs and much more! We did a balloon lab today- all about your breath and how much you breathe per breath (one set of inhaling and exahaling). It was fun, since I got to work with a partner — Maddie W.

2nd Period Yearbook (Wright)
We have just about finished up the choir spread in the yearbook. I am partnered with Mackenzie W. We are just waiting on a quote– and if you are confused about why we have quotes, we are doing a new thing this year in adding quotes to the yearbook–you’ll have to buy it to see it!

3rd Period TX History (Moore)
We watched the movie “The Alamo” and it was getting really helpless  I mean, hopeless (Hamilton humor). SPOILER: James Bowie just died of yellow fever. He thought it was pneumonia! It is very sad.

4th Period Math (Simmerson)
Math is…..math! I thought today was very relaxing and quiet, however my brain went crazy because of how many problems there were!

5th Period Choir (Snouffer & Gunter)
I did a duet on “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana with Krista D and I really liked singing with her! The song is great!

6th Period English (Kriese)
We had a vocab quiz and then 30 minutes to work on what we wanted (I worked on this blog post!) after a vocabulary quiz. It was also quiet and relaxing.

7th Period Teen Skills (Perez)
I haven’t been here yet, but we are doing the lab planning sheet (I am the Head Chef) and measuring the dry ingredients. Sabrina Hudson, Siena Lopez, Larson Stack, and Drew Collie are in my group.

Well that’s all I have to say. Except, of course, the… QUESTION OF THE DAY!

QOTD: What is your favorite food to get at Pei Wei? (Very random)
AOTD: Sweet and sour chicken- white rice.

Have a great day!




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The Phantom of the Opera

Pixabay CC0

Hi Y’all!
First of all, Happy early release day!
2nd-we recently ended the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”. In Mrs. Kriese’s class, she had us write something about the musical. As I am going to see the Phantom of the Opera, I was very excited to do anything Phantom related. So, I wrote this. It is in the Phantom’s perspective, it is a diary entry and it is the rooftop scene. I hope you enjoy!!


QOTD: Would you rather sit all day or stand all day?
AOTD: I would say stand, because you could move around, without having to crawl! 😉

by the Phantom

Dear Diary,
I have had an awful day. Here is where it all began….
As they went to the roof, I quickly followed, as quiet as humanly possible. I hid behind a statue of two masks, a symbol for theatre.

Then Christine started to sing. “What is she doing?!” I screamed inside my head, clapping my hand over my mouth to stop myself from actually screaming. She is ONLY supposed to sing for me. Her Angel of Music. At first it was that blithering idiot Raoul, but, he is only a rich fool. But Christine… she is singing for- no, now WITH Raoul. I feel my eyes water as they sing their declaration of love.

I gave Christine everything. I took her to my world. My darkness was smothered with light when she came into my home prison. She pulled off my mask that was hiding my face. The face of rejection. We sang together even after she took off my mask. I gave her a second chance. Now she is singing for, and with somebody else.

She has betrayed me. I am broken. Demolished. Hurt. No…No…No… I can not let anyone see me like this.

Oh Christine had her chance. I was too caring with that heart-breaking angel of music. But now Christine and Raoul will go back downstairs for Curtain Call. They think everything is going to be perfect because they have each other.

Well, I will show them perfection….




Have you ever thought, with nothing else on your mind, if you are really only a couple years old, or possibly a senior citizen, or maybe 20, and this was all just a long dream?

Well I definitely have. We have all had dreams, and we all know that they feel just like reality, but if they feel so real, how can you distinguish them from the real world? Lucid dreams, all I really know about them is that I heard from my sister that it’s really cool to have them.  I have heard that you can tell if you’re in a dream if there are no clocks, but unless you’re in a lucid dream (a dream in which you know that you’re dreaming and you can control your movements), you can’t really turn your head to look for a clock. Also, drinking apple juice can supposably help with having lucid dreams too. I just don’t get it- am I in a lucid dream? Or is this reality? Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and get my 7th grade schedule with completely different teachers. Maybe I’ll be five and my parents will take me to SeaWorld and I’ll go on the Shamu Express. Who knows?

There is one thing I do know: Live your life, even if your in a dream- don’t be afraid to try anything new and believe in yourself!

Question of the Day: Have you ever had a lucid dream?
Answer of the Day: Not that I can remember! 🙁

Ta Ta!

P.S. There was not a qotd (Question of the Day) on the last blog post because of the intensity of the poem 😉

P.P.S. Thanks for reading my blog!! <3

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