An Open Letter to People Who Dislike Me

To whom this may concern,

I am aware that you think I’m weird, especially since I’m writing this. You may be ignorant to the fact that I do, in fact, know who some of you are. Definetly not all, but some. I have ears! And friends! And understand English! And have feelings!

First of all, let me just say thank you. You really helped bring color to my life by gossip in ways you thought harmful (or maybe you weren’t think at all). I mean, how else am I supposed to know what’s going on in my own life? Though other people, of course.

The big one; rumors. Who doesn’t like a good, juicy rumor told by your ol’ bestie, or maybe someone new? Well, usually for you, it’s about someone else. For me, the rumors I hear are from my friends telling me that ‘so-and-so’ said she thinks I’m weird and ‘she told us that you did this.’ Thanks.

What’s fun about rumors is learning things about myself that I never knew! It’s like I’m getting to know myself though other people. Slowly, throughout the year, I’ve piece together the story of me. What I like, what I’m like, who I like, who I hate, what I wear, what I do, what I feel, what I say, what I want, what I do, what I’m doing, why I do it, why I’m weird, what a strange person I am.

It’s actually kind of fun, learning more things about yourself from other people than you’re learning from certified teachers at school (that may be onbehalf of my ADD, of course…). I bet I’m gunna be on one of those shows where you see who knows more about the celebrity; the said celebrity or the fan. It’s never the celebrity.

And I’m not a celebrity. People just don’t like me.


Sincerity, your walking, talking rumor,




(P.s. In case you’re too dense to realize it, this is figuratively dripping with sarcasm and hyperboles. Take none of it seriously. Merci.)

My Weekend

This weekend is probably the busiest I’m going to be in a long time. Usually, during the off-days, I sit in my room and read, draw, watch YouTube or listen to music (sometimes all at once). Every once in a while, I’ll get a text from a friend asking if I want to hang out (and by this time I’m bored out of my mind, so I say yes). But I live far away from most of my friends, because I’m over in Lost Creek. So that doesn’t happen often.

But this weekend, I’m going with my friend to her Ariel Silks class. She’s been doing this for a while now, and she invited me so that she could show off show me what she’s been practicing for all this time. Afterward, we’ll go out to eat at Pei Wei, and hang out at her house (eat food, listen to music, give each other makeovers– the whole jam).

After going home on Friday night, I will see her Saturday afternoon to go to her grandmother’s ranch. Her parents (and grandparents) are going to a Pink Floyd concert, so my friend and I will be alone, the exception being her uncle (but he’s probably going to sleep the whole time).

Compared to what I usually do over the weekends, this is definitely a step up. I’ll be way more active than I usually am and I’m so excited!


Her furry boots crunched in the snow beneath them. The air was thin and cold, she held her lantern shakily out in front her numb face in hopes to make out any obstacles in front of her. Her grey, baggy sweatshirt and matching beanie were no match for the biting, gelid air. Her hands, although shielded with flimsy gloves, still shook the light she held. It was safe to say that she was terrified. She could lie down and freeze to death and no one would know probably for years. The entire area –for miles in front or behind her– was completely deserted. She had no idea where she was or what was to come– the lantern was a very limited source of light, it only stretched out a few feet in front of her–


She decided to switch it off and walk to the light of the glaciers, rather than walk in the light of the poor lantern. Although, she didn’t remember learning about glowing ice in school– was that a common thing at her dad’s place? Where was her dad’s house? She had been walking for so long and she was pretty sure that she was going to freeze to death and she forgot what the sun felt like and she just wanted to be warm and–

Snow. Snow for miles and miles in front of her. Her eyes adjusted to the dim glow of the glaciers, so she could now see why lay beyond her. On either side of her, the strange glaciers towered above her. They caged her in with only one path out– forward.

She lost it. She kneeled to the ground, silently sobbing to herself. The long-forgotten lantern fell and indented the snow. Her tears made her faced feel like ice already.

She was going to die here. She wasn’t dressed for the journey and she had no idea how to get to her father’s house and she was tired from walking and she just wanted to lie down and take a nap forever. Her dad might find her and decide to move somewhere more convenient. She collapsed on the ground and sunk into the snow. She didn’t care that her jeans were getting soaked; she didn’t care that her father was expecting her; she didn’t care what falling asleep in the coldest environment ever resulted in. She didn’t really realize how pretty the glowing glaciers were until now, now that she had a few moments to admire the scenery. Slowly, very slowly, her eyes closed themselves and she was alone with her thoughts.

On the brink of sleep, sweet, sweet sleep, she felt herself bending upward. Someone was carrying her, perhaps talking– she didn’t care, she just wanted to sleep.



(Me in the morning)

I Will Remember You :)

(This is kinda dark, sorry 🙂 )


I will remember you.


I will remember how your family and mine called us a cute couple.
I will remember when you laughed, your shoulders shook.
I will remember the butterflies in my stomach every time we were together. Sometimes armed with machine guns.

I will remember every drawing you draw me, every portrait, every abstract piece.
I will remember when I rested my head on your shoulder, silently watching you draw.
I will remember you trying to pronounce my french homework, trying to make studying fun (it worked).

I will remember when I threw myself in your arms and cried until I had nothing to cry. I will remember you holding me when I finished a tv series, feeling like I no longer had a purpose on Earth.

I will remember when you were there.

But I will also remember when you left.

I will remember every time you weren’t there.
I will remember every excuse you had to leave.
I will remember how good of a liar you were.
I will remember how you never had a track meet.
I will remember how you didn’t have a 7:00 curfew.
I will remember how you didn’t retake your math test due to failing.
You had an A in math.

I will remember how your English teacher didn’t give ‘group projects.’

Especially with her.

I will remember the day I saw you two in the library.

I will remember how you tried to explain.
It didn’t look like study group.
It looked like my best friend, to me.
I will remember my red hot fury.
I will remember the hardcover dictionary.

Just lying there.

I will remember her fearful face.
I will remember how I painted the walls red that night.
I will remember how you didn’t offer to walk me home.

It was a long way back, I felt better now.
I wasn’t angry at you anymore.
Why were you looking at me like that?
I didn’t do anything wrong.
Why are sirens wailing down the street?
I’m not a monster…?
Why are the police here?

You called them?

I thought you loved me.
Guess you have to go too.




Author’s note-


Sorry, this is kind of dark… the yandere idea seemed like a good idea. I’m not quite sure what inspired me to write this, but writing creepy, plot-twisting things while listening to either P!ATD or Mattia Cupelli. Eh, tant mieux!

His Millionth Haunting

The point of this blog is that short stories about a ghost being nervous on their first haunting are good, but what about a ghost on his millionth?


“Alright…James? You’ve got the house in the Cedar woods. 221 Centric Cove.” The Minister read off his clipboard.

“Oh my god,” James exclaimed and slumped back in his chair. “That house? I’ve haunted that one at least 20 times!”

James was a ghost. Duh. So was the whole HHS, Haunting Houses Society. It’s a program for the ‘troubled’ ghosts and ghouls, although James liked to think of it as ‘those of us who have been total –censored– in our living lives.’

“Let me guess; a suburban family whose dad though ‘this move is good for us’ and decided that everyone was crazy when they said it was haunted.”


“And they have an emotional teenager and little kid who has an imaginary friend and or believes in ghosts.”


“Arrggghh.” He sighed. He reluctantly sank through the floor to the file room, where he got the details he could use to haunt them.


“FATHER: 6’1, always works, pays no attention to his kids
MOTHER: 5’6, stay-at-home soccer mom
DAUGHTER 1: 5’5, listens to 2006 MCR and FOB, emo, ‘hates’ parents, thinks she’s different from everyone else
DAUGHTER 2: 4’9, imaginary friend ‘Mrs. Penelope’, sings excessively”


“Ughhh.” He threw the paper on the table. “2 more years,” he whispered to himself, “two more years then im free.”


(Four days later)


“Haunting Report by James Smith for the HHS


I started with Daughter 2 — Lily — and became her imaginary friend. It worried her mother, who told the father, but he didn’t listen.
2 down.
I proceeded to make strange noises at night to scare Venessa, the teenager. I mimicked her boyfriend’s voice and whispered nightmares in her ear.
3 down.
I dropped expensive china in front of the father, who then decided to move.
Boom *mic drop* (I learned that from Lily.)


-James Smith”

A Soul for a Soul

‘Please,’ I had whispered to her the heart monitor. I rested my face in my sisters hospital bed sheets. ‘Let her live.’

Without warning, the entire room shuddered. I jumped to my feet. The light bulb flickered, then shattered. A shower of dust and ceiling bits tumbled down onto every surface of the pale hospital room. I screamed and tried covered my sister from the falling shards. The only source of light was the dull, grey sky coming from outside. Then, silence. It was as if time just stopped.

‘For what price?’ A rich, heinous voice chuckled. Fear tightened my chest as I spun around. My sister and I were the only ones in the room, as far as I knew.

A man in all black stood with a devious smirk. He had glaring black shoes, a perfect, lint-free black suit, and an extremely handsome face. His towering figure stood dominant to the puny room. The man almost radiated power, hatred, and fear. His smirk was something indescribable- a mix between evil and pulchritudinous.

‘Pr-r-ice?’ I shook. This man was wealthy, no doubt, so what money would he want from me?

‘Do you know who I am?’ He asked instead.

‘I-I’m afraid not…’ I tore my eyes away from his piercing grey eyes and back to my sister. Her face was whiter than the room. Whatever he wanted, I would give- but he was going to have to hurry up.

‘Oh, I’m afraid you do.’ He smirked. ‘A soul for a soul, how about that?’

Well Then

“I disagree wholeheartedly,” she sneered with her arms crossed and head high.

“Alice, we both know my life was more interesting, so just give it up!” Dorothy jeered.

Alice and Dorothy both believed their book was more interesting and thrilling than the other. Judging by the fact that both girls are usually very calm and kind, this argument must be pretty heated for them to raise their voices at each other like this.

“Oh, please. Wicked witches? Munchkins? Fake wizards? Talking lions, scarecrows, a TINMAN! Darling, have you even REAd my book?”

“I have, and it’s atrocious! Nothing compared to disappearing cats, late rabbits, smoking caterpillars, a white queen, a crazy queen, and don’t even get me started on that hatter…”

“What about flying monkeys?”

“What about those weird cakes?”

Please,” Cinderella cried from the back. “What about weird godmothers and stepsisters? Do I get any credit?”

“Yeah, and me!” Hermione called. “The weirdest place on earth: Hogwarts!”

“I agree.” Jenny ‘humphed’.

“I would say,” Katniss jumped in, “The Capitol is weirder than some magic school, step-relatives, flying monkeys, and a hatter.”

“No.” Dorothy said flatly.

“Not in a hundred years.” Alice barked.

“Ok, ok, ok,” Annabeth got in between Dorothy and Alice. “Both of you stop. All stories Katherine is willing to write about are important. I’m just wondering where Watson is…”

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock, season 4, is coming out soon (or was already released). If it was, it’s not on Netflix, the only place I can watch it legally. The episodes are roughly an hour and a half, and there’s only about 4-5 episodes in each season. They usually come out once a year, so it’s very exciting for the Sherlock fandom.

Sherlock Holmes is an incredible detective, working without pay, just for the fun of it (his favorites are serial killings, more of a challenge). His partner, John Watson, isn’t as brilliant but is medically trained, seeing as he was a doctor in the military. Together they solve every mystery. Except, of course, crimes by Moriarty, the “Napoleon of Crime.”

In the last episode of the second season, Moriarty shot himself in the head, in front of Sherlock, with an eerie smile. No doubt he was dead. But, at the end of season three, he makes a return. Not in person, but in digital form, all over the world, on every screen. “Did you miss me?” It repeated.

Boom. The season ended there. The most skilled villain, whom we thought dead, comes back to end the season. Do you see why we’re hyped for the new season?


“No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design.” -Sherlock Holmes.

Chapter 3

Ch. 3

Ch. 2

POV- Kadin

Hordes of people crammed against the cobblestone curb on the edge of the river, hoping to get a spot on the boat. The guards shouted at everyone that that boat was full and could hold no more people. Every man was pumping his fist in the air violently, hollering about unfairness, every woman was begging the guards to at least let her child(ren) on, and every child was weeping about their mother leaving them. But in all the chaos, Kadin was somehow still able to spot Anora and Alyx.

“Hey! Guys!” He yelled over the crowed. It was only then he realized their faces.
Their heads were bowed, but their eyes wide open. They walked in uneven steps with expressions almost painful to look at. Anora’s hair fell in her face, making it difficult to see her tears. Alyx . . . Alyx just didn’t look ok. It was hard to explain, but something about his best friend’s face made Kadin wonder greatly about what had happened. With pale skins and a faces that almost looked like scowls, Kadin thought it would be best if he didn’t talk to either of the siblings.

Kadin felt a strong hand yank his arm. His grandpa ushered him towards the entrance to the new boat that had just arrived. “Hurry up now, we want a spot.” He whispered in a hoarse voice.

“Yes sir.” He nodded.

POV- Alyx

I stepped onto the rocking boat. The first step was uneasy, but I soon became accustomed to it. Anora and I shoved our way to the center of the boat, where we sat down dejectedly. After a few minutes, the boat thrusted off onto the river. Everything was dead silent, only the sound of water splashing on the side of the boat remained.
The boat crept into mountain’s shadow, and the people let out a long sigh- they were out of the monsters view. The valley we entered was stained red from the sunset, and the people’s cloths were the same- but for a different reason. I had been in the mountain pass before, and I could tell you how stunning and colorful it was, with the green grass swaying in the breeze and the smooth boulders accenting the blue waters of the river, but now it seemed dreary and pale.

What do they want with us? The monsters had gone over a hundred years without devouring humans, so why now? And what was that big Monster, it was more than three times the size of the rest?!

Anora saw my face heading up with frustration, so she rested her hand on my shoulder. I looked into her fearful grey eyes with my watery ones.

I broke the silence on that boat and cried out, tears pouring down my face and ignoring the stares. A few joined me, sobbing into their hands. I wrapped my arms around Anora tightly. “Mom…” I whimpered into her shoulder. I can’t believe I fought with her before the attack, and I never apologized like I always did. But the monsters took her away from me.

I clenched my fists. A burning anger tightening my chest, overcoming the saddness of my loss. My eyes squeezed shut, trying to stop the flow of tears.

“I’ll kill them. Every last one,” I growled though my clasped jaw, “I’ll join the military and kill them all!”

POV- narrator

Ever since the Monsters attacked, the third wall was no longer safe. Humanity lost about half of its land to the monsters, and more than 20% of its population. After the trio entered the second wall, they were put to work immediately. Since the second wall did not have extraordinary amounts spare food, every fugitive was forced to work on farms. However, three years after the first attack, the government gathered the eligible (over 16, under 70) and sent them to the third wall to kill the monsters inside and attempt to reclaim their land.

The mission failed, and all but 50 people -out of a few thousand- returned. Kadin’s grandfather was, unfortunately, lost in battle. The trio all promised each other that when they come of age, they will join the military together.
Until then, they slaved away under the heat of the sun.

POV- Alyx

Everything was tinted red and blurred to a point to where it looked too hazy to be real. “Alyx– hold still!” My father stood over me, holding my shoulder tightly. “This will save you one day, I promise!”

“Dad, no– let go!” He grabbed my arm and injected the strange syringe of clear, fizzling serum into it. I screamed at him to let go, but he didn’t oblige. Already I began feel the sizzling down my hand and up to my shoulder. It soon overtook me, through my back and down my legs. Everything slowly faded to black and I just barely felt my head hit the ground. My father’s shady figure was all that was left when I lost all consciousness.


(Just thought I’d add that last part in, just because :P)

Chapter 2

Ch. 2

(Ch. 1)

The sun’s rays beamed in patterns onto the earth’s surface though the grey clouds. Tiny red and orange roofs scattered the terrain. I gripped the top of the wall, accidentally crushing it with my strong, meaty hands. I needed to do it. I can’t believe I’m doing such a thing.
A 160 foot Monster made of muscle, a permanent scowl, and eyes as dark as the underground rose over the wall. A large shadow cast over the entire town, and everything seemed frozen. The birds stopped flying, the endless chatter of the townspeople ceased. The only thing that moved was the icy river beside me and Kadin.

“I… I don’t… believe it…” Kadin breathed. “The Monsters… they’re breaching the wall.”

The giant Monster swung its foot, hitting the wall with a force greater than God himself. A ear-splitting explosion broke down the entrance, creating a gust of wind that no man could withstand. Rocks fell like hail in a hurricane, crushing houses and people in the same fashion. In the gate, there was a giant hole.

A smaller monster -about 20 feet- wobbled in slowly, each step shaking its surroundings. Another after another, they paraded in. The people finally realize that they should run and started doing so.

Kadin grabbed my arm. “Go find Anora and your family. I’ve got to find my grandpa!” He went left, I went right. I sprinted back up the cobblestone paths that led to my home, breathing heavily. I heard a high pitched scream coming from somewhere near my house, which upped my anxiety by a thousand. I turned the corner.

My house had been completely destroyed. A huge blonder lay in the middle of the smashed rubble, and I saw Anora desperately trying to pull a figure out from underneath a wooden pillar.
“Mom!” I cried. They turned to see me, tears in both of their eyes.
“Alyx, h-help me save her,” Anora whimpered, yanking at the pillar to try to free her.
“No, Alyx, leave with Anora and save yourselves.” My mother growled over the pain. “My legs have been crushed- I would just slow you down.”


I stayed silent for a moment, contemplating on what to do. I glanced at the wall. A Monster strut in smiling, making eye contact with me. He took large, slow steps toward us. I knew our time was limited.
“Alyx,” my mother pleaded forcefully, “Go.” I stared at her with fear. “Now!” She screamed at me.
Anora gave up. Neither of us could lift that thing, and no one would stop the Monsters long enough for us to pull her out.
She grabbed my hand and ran. Ran past the demolished houses of people we used to know. Ran past mothers weeping into bloody boulders. Ran past people balled up on the ground, rocking back and forth, whispering things like ‘The end is here’ and ‘this is the end of humanity’. We ran past priests, shouting that it was judgement day and it wasn’t too late to give yourself up to the Goddesses (aka the walls).
Anora’s tears tumbled down her cheeks, and she yanked at my hand with even more force than before, for she knew we were getting close to the boat to take us to the next wall.
Since the spacing between the walls were hundreds of miles apart with so many different types of terrain in between, once you set out on the river you would be completely shielded by the mountains surrounding my city. We would be safe from then on.