The End

So this is the last blog post that I will do for seventh grade. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to ever use this blog again. It just means we get to take a break for the summer. There are a lot of things that end such as school, summer, friendships, movies  but most things that end are good.

Like Six Flags.  I have never been to Six Flags and then my school decided to take our choir there and it was amazing. I got to ride almost all of the rides because we got there really early.  My favorite ride was probably the superman I got to meet this nice little boy who I sat next to on the ride and we just talked the entire time and I had a blast.  I also loved  the water rides. One of them you jump into an innertube sort of thing with a whole bunch of people and I rode with these three younger kids who had stood in line  with me for what seemed like forever. Right before we went on the water ride we got a slushy which I never get and so it was amazing. After we went on the rapids ride my friends and I went on a another water ride it was like splash Mountain from Disney World and my friend kept on trying to protect me from the Dragon who spit water, but I wish he hadn’t so my hair would’ve gotten wet. Sadly my best friend  wasn’t in choir but my other good friends were. Band and orchestra also came so I got to hang out with my friends from band. Most of them are a little wild but luckily they behaved themselves well enough for that one day to not get us kicked out of Six Flags.

I wish that day had never ended, but like all other good things… they all come to an end just like this blog. 🙂


Summer is almost here and I can’t wait. We have 21 days left Until I get to be on a plane and off to the only place I truly love…Maui. I almost always go to Hawaii for summer but in 2018 we are going to Maui and Michigan but sadly we aren’t going to Michigan and Maui because we are having are house redone. My parents might take us to Colorado because we have never gone.

I am also going to camp with my best friend. She has not been to this camp but I thought she will have fun. All of my friends from last year are also going to be there. My favorite part is the lake but sadly I didn’t go on the blob more than once but this year I am going to change that. I hate horses now because we have to ride them at camp and my horse was the new one that wasn’t as well behaved so it would get scared at the tiniest things. But that’s not the only reason why I’m so scared of them when I was at the rodeo with my best friend a bucking bronco came charging at me and I was in the first row of seats. It was horrifying.



 Glowing green blooms everywhere

 Butterflies flutter about

 Sweet smelling flowers

 I decided to write this  poem because I was watching the life spring up in front of me well I was outside doing my homework. I usually don’t do pomes because I can never think of any. And Haikus are specially hard for me because I don’t know very many similes off the top of my head.  But I think that I did a pretty good job this time.

Why Cheerleading is and isn’t a Sport

I do not consider middle school cheerleading a sport. But when it comes to competitive cheerleading then yes I do consider it a sport.

With school cheerleading you go to practice twice a week and it is more of a social  thing instead of an actual practice. You  have basic tumbling. And the stunts are just the basic basket toss.  You’re pretty much just the person cheering on the football team so they can’t win a game. But I do think that we need football cheerleaders to cheer up everybody even  we’re about to lose. And get the crowd excited for  when we do win.

But with kids who do  competitive cheerleading you have 4 to 5 three-hour practices every week. And you  actually learn tumbling and do tumbling passes like round off backhand spring lay out.  And you learn complicated  stunts like  basket toss with a double full twist.  You  get to compete a routine that you have the  worked on for a long time and you’re proud of it. It’s not just a 30 seconds saying go Westridge.  And you actually get a workout from doing all the tumbling and throwing 85 pound girls up in the air and catching them again. That takes some muscle.

So yes cheerleading should be a sport if it’s competitive. And the other girls can pick up their pom-poms and cheer on.



Running is enjoyable but it can also annoying, or hard. For some people running is a chore, like in Athletics you have to run but I am not like one of those people who doesn’t like running.

I love running because you have a sense of freedom and aloneness. You can run with the hair in your face or at your back either way you’re the open without a care in the world– Unless you’re racing of course. I like running on a track if we are doing short but for longer distances     ( over a mile )I like to be either on the trail or path.  One of my favorite places to run 2 miles is the trail right next to Westridge that I once went on with cross country.

Running is also very good for you – as everybody knows. You get your heart rate up and you are happier because it releases endorphins ( they are a hormone which make you more energized and happy.)It also increases it yourself esteem by  getting into better shape and setting your goals and reaching them.

So maybe it’s time to put on your running shoes and give it a try….  You might like it who knows.

Donald J Trump

So in the past couple of weeks Donald Trump has made Australia mad the, Mexican president mad, and a whole bunch of other countries in the Middle East mad. He has also approved an oil line  on the bottom of the ocean and has band all Muslims from entering the United States. He has also started building the “WALL”.

So far in his presidency so many things have changed. He has  approved the Keystone pipeline which is very harmful to our environment if it breaks. He has also taken away the Parks and Recreation’s Twitter account’s,  so there are no more post about global warming. He is letting people throw coal into the rivers and streams and lakes.  He  wants to repeal Obama care or at least he thought about it. He wants to take away  women’s healthcare.

A lot of this stuff isn’t that bad for right now, but in the future when all of that Coal is in all of our water, we won’t have any clean water. Because only 3% of the water on this earth is clean water.  So we look have to look at this in the long run, and we can’t just think about now.  We have to think about the future and what all of the stuff will mean for it. So I hope that our future is not ruined by some of the  agreements he is making.


The pitch, the hit, the run. It all has to be perfect, if not then it is BORING. Baseball.?

To begin with it never works. They throw the ball he misses. Strike 1! he throws it again miss strike 2! Third one is a charm! Nope! Strike 3! He is out!

In baseball you sit there waiting for all nine innings. The only OK thing is the food but my mom won’t usually let us get it. Maybe the game only needs five innings. And there are also all these crazy weird rules that make absolutely no sense.

And it’s not really fun to play. Because all you do is sit and wait for the other people to take their turn and miss and then it’s your turn and you strikeout. But if you can somehow magically hit the ball and try to run around every single base, somebody will usually catch it or get you out.

I’ve never been a big fan of baseball because when I was younger my next-door neighbor he made us play every single day when we got home.  But instead of playing by the rules of the game he made up his own rules. Because, you know, that’s what little kids do.  He was always like that he had to win at everything. So I’ve never wanted to play  baseball, partially thanks to Joshua.

So, overall I’m NOT a fan of baseball. Maybe if it was shorter and maybe if it had players who hit the ball every time. Then maybe just maybe baseball would be more fun to watch or play. If that day ever comes, I will watch my first baseball game.


The Playoffs

I love football I have grown up with football. My grandparents used to take me to the Texas games For as long as I can remember. But Texas isn’t doing so well and hopefully with the new coach this upcoming season will be better.

31–35 that was the score of the college football playoff. Clemson beat Alabama in the last five minutes. Clemson scored twice in Alabama scored once . And I was not too happy about that. I had to go to bed before the game is over but my dad told me about in the morning. And I was not happy to hear the results. My family doesn’t really like Alabama because they win all the time. But Clemson is not our favorite so my dad was going for Clemson and I was rooting for Alabama. My brother didn’t watch it because he was at swim and doing his homework. But I know he would’ve wanted Clemson to win because he doesn’t want my team to win. But he’s just like that.

I cannot wait for the Cowboys game. Because I am a huge Cowboys fan and so is my dad. I am hoping for them to win but a lot of my friends want the Packers to win. We have been able to beat them in the passed. And hopefully Elliot and Prescott can win the game for the Cowboys.


Maybe Raina is Fun

Dear mom,
I have said good bye to my family. I have a new one with all the other people that are like me.

“How does that sound.”

“Good,straight forward but,good” replied Owen.

“That is how I want it to be, that is how my family works. You ask a question you get a direct response no further details.”

“That doesn’t sound as fun as my family. We always have something to say to each other. Especially my little sister she was the light of my family. You remember her before the accident.”

“I loved your little sister she was such an angel.”

“Yeah. Keep on reading” Owen urges me on.

I will miss you more then grandmas pecan pie. I hope you find happiness with me gone. I need a little time to get out of this fantasy world you are living in. It has been fun and joy full some times with you but I need to learn how to do things for myself. I will see you again next year we can keep in touch. Do you remember where my phone number is. I left it in the jar with the gum.

“Why would you put your phone number into a jar with gum in it?”

“That is are special hiding spot.”

“That is weird” Owen points out.

“Where do you hide stuff?”

“My family hit every thing under a staircase”

I was on the floor dying of laughter when Raina opens the tent screen.

“How can you judge me” Owen stares into my eyes and that is a sing that Raina is hear.

“I heard laughter and wanted to join in. May I ?”

Maybe Raina will be fun like a sister I never had.


So my teem isn’t doing so well. We lost to Kansas, we  lost  to  Kansas. The  worst team.  For the past two years it’s been 5-7 help.  The year before that we were 6-7  which is better but still not ideal. Texas is not known for being bad at something. But  clearly football was not our best asset.

Three years ago Charlie Strong took the position of Mack Brown as head coach  at the University of Texas. The past three years have not been the best for Texas football but hopefully with our new football coach we will have better luck.

I look forward to watching  Tom Herman in these upcoming years. Hopefully he can bring up or team from the gutters.