Financial Future Essay

I always knew that many things in life are very expensive. But after seeing the actual numbers, I was very surprised.

For example, college can cost a lot of money. I looked at the tuition of a college I am interested in, MIT, and was very surprised to learn that it costs $58,240 annually not including personal expenses and books! There are many ways to pay for college, such as saving early, scholarships, and even student loans. If I get a student loan I will need to pay off debt. In order to pay off debt, I will need to get a job. I found out that the average salary of a software engineer is $100,526 a year, or $8,377.16 a month. I feel nervous about the future, because college is a lot more expensive than I thought it would be.

After I finish college, I will need to find housing. I will probably start by renting an apartment. I found a building, in Austin, that rents out rooms for $2568 per month. I will also need some form of transportation for shopping and getting to work. I may start by using my car from high school. My plan is to save a lot of money before I buy a new car. If so, I will still have to pay for gas. I will probably have to pay about $150 per month for gas. I never knew how expensive housing and gas could be. Rent will take up a lot of my salary, and if I am not careful, I may end up in debt.

Another thing I would like to save up for is a dog. I was able to find a few apartments that are pet friendly. Because if I live in a apartment, I will probably need to get a smaller dog. We adopted my current dog, Jingles, from the Austin Pets Alive and payed a fee of $125.00. I will also need to pay for a collar, a leash, trips to the vet, food, treats, a bed, and dog toys. I looked at the PetSmart website and was able to find a collar and leash set that costs $13.00. I also found a dog bed that costs $20.00. The amount of money I spend on food will depend on how much my dog eats. Because I already have one right now, I am not surprised to learn that having a dog will take up a lot of my time and money, but having a sweet, furry companion will be worth it.

To have a successful financial future, I will need to save a lot of money. I learned that big, unexpected purchases can come up and leave me in debt. I would also like to save up money for a new car and house, pet, retirement, kids, and a vacation. I will need to pay for bills, groceries, transportation, and rent. I may even have some student debt to pay off. I would most likely spend at least $250 on bills and $154.08 on groceries. My rent would cost $2568 per month and car gas would cost about $150. With my salary of $8377.16 a month I will have about $5255.08 left for saving, taxes, insurance, and possibly paying off debt. I had no idea that even small, everyday things like food could cost so much!After doing this research I now realize that things like food, rent, and bills are very expensive and how important it is to spend my money wisely and save for the future.

I am very surprised by how expensive the future is. I now know how important saving and planning are and I am glad that I did this project and was able to learn so much.

(I wrote this essay for a math project)


Today my sister had a spa party with her friends from dance. The party was at our house and I got to help out.

One of our family friends came over. She sells beauty products and brought some over for the party. I helped her apply face masks on all the girls. The masks were really cool. They came in golden containers and bubbled when put on. After that we helped them apply some really soft cream that smelled like flowers. Later we had lunch. I ate pizza, fruit, chicken nuggets, and a lot of cookies. My dog ended up stealing my pizza and she wouldn’t stop licking everyone! After I finished eating, I helped put makeup on the girls. They got to choose from a big variety of lip glosses and eye shadows. I was kind of nervous; I know nothing about makeup or how to put it on. Luckily, I was able to learn how and had a lot of fun.

All the girls were really nice— and loud. They spent a lot of time singing, running around outside, and playing hide and go seek. Jingles, my dog, had a great time to she loves kids and is very energetic. I really love help out with my sisters friends. It’s a lot of fun and they are all so sweet!

Pointe Shoes

A few weeks ago I got my pointe shoes. I’ve been taking pre-pointe this year and am finally able to start pointe.

Before spring break, I tried on spacers, toe pads, and shoes. The shoes came without the ribbons and elastic attached so I had to sew them on myself. My dance teacher sent me some videos and my mom helped me sew ribbons and elastic onto my shoes. The next Thursday, I had my first pointe class. I learned how to tie my ribbons and did some exercises. It was kind of strange the first time and feet got sore, but I had a lot of fun.

I really love pointe and am excited to learn more.


Spring Break

In about a week, we will have spring break and no longer have to spend seven hours a day sitting in a classroom at school. I am really excited for spring break.

One reason I am excited for spring break is that there will be no school for a week. I will no longer have to wake up early for school and stay up late doing more work. It will be a week of no quizzes, homework or projects. I will have a chance to sleep in, eat restaurants, and spend time with family. I will also have time for hobbies, like drawing and painting, reading, and playing with my dog.

Another reason I am excited for spring break is that I will get to visit my grandparents in Dallas. Because they don’t live in Austin, we don’t get to see them very often. It is always a lot of fun to go and visit them. Usually we eat out with them and go to different shops or parks. When we are staying at their house, my sister and I like to look at all statues and flowers in their garden.

Spring Break is coming soon. I am really excited to have no school and go to Dallas.

Why Dogs Are Great Pets

All my life I’ve had a pet dog. I have always loved having a dog. I’m not saying that dogs are the only good pets— I haven’t had any pet besides a dog— I’m just saying that they are great.

Most dogs are very sweet and playful. My dog Jingles is always ready to play. She loves to go on walks, run around outside, and play inside too. For Christmas she got some new toys and has learned to catch them in her mouth. Some times we take her to Boulder Park. Jingles loves Boulder Park. Last time we went some other people were there with their dogs. Sometimes Jingles doesn’t like other dogs, but she usually is nice. Dogs are really playful and love to have fun, a lot of times, they are very social and get along with each other well.

Dogs are not just sweet, but smart too. They are easy to train and can learn all sorts of things. When Jingles was a baby we needed to teach her not to pee in the house, bite, or jump the fence.  Now she is five and does not do any of these anymore. These aren’t the only things that she can do, we also taught her some tricks. Jingles can sit, stay, shake hands, jump, and wake me up in the morning. Dogs are very smart and can learn quickly like people can.

Dogs are sweet, smart, and wonderful. They are extremely loyal pets that can be your best friend forever.

Why Middle School is Overated

“It’s so much fun! There’s great food.”

During 5th grade I heard these words over and over again. In my opinion middle school is no better than elementary school.

For one thing, the food isn’t as great as everyone makes it sound. The pizza is soggy and some of the options are not any different than elementary school. The lines are also really long. Unless you get to the cafeteria early it may be a ten minute wait for food. I honestly don’t think that the “amazing pizza” is worth such a long wait.

The food isn’t the only disappointment, the lockers aren’t that great either. Sometimes fitting everything into my locker is hard. Also, a lot of my classes are far apart, and it’s hard to carry around everything without a backpack. So sometimes I’m late because of this. I would much rather have a backpack than a locker.

Overall, I don’t think that middle school is any greater than elementary school. The lockers and food are not as great as everyone makes it sound.


Many of my friends have been bringing slime to school. I’ve been wanting to make slime for a while, but I haven’t had the right materials, until last week.

Last Wednesday, my sister and I opened our monthly Doodle and Tinker Crates. My sisters crate, the Tinker Crate came with all the supplies to make slime and directions. The kit included borax, glue, food coloring, corn starch, a few plastic cups, and posicle sticks. We spend hours making and playing with slime. We made fluffy slime, bouncy slime, and even glow in the dark slime!

I love making slime and am so happy that I now have some of my own.

Copper and Guinness

During winter break my aunt and uncle came to visit. They brought their dogs Copper and Guinness with them.

Copper is a reddish brown color and much bigger than Guinness. Guinness is small and has black curly fur. My dog Jingles is in between. She and Copper come from the same litter. My aunt and uncle adopted him about a week after I got Jingles. A few years later they got Guiness. All the dogs are around the same age and they love to play together.

I had so much fun with my family and I think Jingles did too. I hope that they can come again soon!!!

Winter Break

I am super excited for winter break! I love the holidays and everything I get to do during the break.

One of my favorite things about the holidays is visiting my family. Usually, I go to Dallas to see my grandparents. We always go shopping, play games, and give gifts. My aunt and uncle always come and we eat dinner and open gifts with them. We often bring my dog Jingles with us. She stays at my aunt and uncle’s house and plays with their dogs.

We usually stay in Dallas for a week, usually for New Years. But this year my grandparents are coming to visit us for Christmas! I am more excited about winter break than I have ever been before.

The Lake Poem

Under the sun, beside the tree,
Little fish swim, dodging my feet.
Waves brush against the shore,
Bunches of algae cover the floor.

Cobwebs hang, an inch above me,
Small silver strands tangled in leaves.

The sun seems to sink,
Turning everything pink.
Purple clouds fill the sky.
As the world turns darker,
Birds start to fly.

Out comes the moon, pale and white,
Casting a glow, both soft and bright.




Authors Note:
The poem I wrote is based of a camp I went to. Some people from my church and I went to a camp next to a lake, and stayed in a log cabin over the weekend. I remember waking up early one morning and looking out at the moonlight over the lake. My friends and I would sit on a porch over the water to braid each other’s hair at noon. The lake was probably my favorite part of that weekend. Everything seemed so perfect and peaceful. I hope to share this feeling with my reader

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