I met Jingles when she was only two months old. This was after my dog, Maggie, died. We got Jingles at a shelter.  When we brought her home she was very curious. She sniffed everything she saw! Jingles enjoys going outside and playing.

Jingles loves to spend time with her brother, Copper (my aunt’s dog). They love to chase each other around and go on walks together. Once, they found some baby bunnies. Instead of barking at them or chasing them the dogs sniffed them and started treating them like they were puppies!

Jingles is almost 5 years old now, but she still loves to play and sometimes jumps over the fence!


Photos by me

7 thoughts on “Jingles!

  1. Hi Katie,

    My name is Kayley and I’m from Mrs.Smiths class.We are from Vancouver Island.I also have a dog his Name is Dasher.I got him for Christmas a while ago and now he is 7. he loves going for walks and getting treats.He is so friendly that he smiles when he is happy. What kind of dog is Jingles?
    Have a wonderful day

    • Hi Kayley! We aren’t sure what type of dog Jingles is but we think that she is part ChowChow, German Sheperd, and possibly Golden Retriever (my friend calls her a Goldgechow). We got her around Christmas and like Dasher, she loves walk, treats and smiles a lot, well, at least tries to.


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