The Lake Poem

Under the sun, beside the tree,
Little fish swim, dodging my feet.
Waves brush against the shore,
Bunches of algae cover the floor.

Cobwebs hang, an inch above me,
Small silver strands tangled in leaves.

The sun seems to sink,
Turning everything pink.
Purple clouds fill the sky.
As the world turns darker,
Birds start to fly.

Out comes the moon, pale and white,
Casting a glow, both soft and bright.




Authors Note:
The poem I wrote is based of a camp I went to. Some people from my church and I went to a camp next to a lake, and stayed in a log cabin over the weekend. I remember waking up early one morning and looking out at the moonlight over the lake. My friends and I would sit on a porch over the water to braid each other’s hair at noon. The lake was probably my favorite part of that weekend. Everything seemed so perfect and peaceful. I hope to share this feeling with my reader

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