Why Dogs Are Great Pets

All my life I’ve had a pet dog. I have always loved having a dog. I’m not saying that dogs are the only good pets— I haven’t had any pet besides a dog— I’m just saying that they are great.

Most dogs are very sweet and playful. My dog Jingles is always ready to play. She loves to go on walks, run around outside, and play inside too. For Christmas she got some new toys and has learned to catch them in her mouth. Some times we take her to Boulder Park. Jingles loves Boulder Park. Last time we went some other people were there with their dogs. Sometimes Jingles doesn’t like other dogs, but she usually is nice. Dogs are really playful and love to have fun, a lot of times, they are very social and get along with each other well.

Dogs are not just sweet, but smart too. They are easy to train and can learn all sorts of things. When Jingles was a baby we needed to teach her not to pee in the house, bite, or jump the fence.  Now she is five and does not do any of these anymore. These aren’t the only things that she can do, we also taught her some tricks. Jingles can sit, stay, shake hands, jump, and wake me up in the morning. Dogs are very smart and can learn quickly like people can.

Dogs are sweet, smart, and wonderful. They are extremely loyal pets that can be your best friend forever.

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  1. I personally have mixed feelings about dogs. When I was little, I got bit by a dog that had Rabies and had to go to the emergency room. Now, whenever I see a dog, I get paranoid and start walking away from it. I guess I’ll never be a “dog person” because of this painful memory.

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