Top 5 Best Proven Techniques to Use Your Phone in Class

Have you ever been in those boring lectures in class, and all you want to do is text? Or maybe you really want to see who has liked your recent instagram photo? Here are some techniques that will allow you to do those things.

The Book Strategy
Pretend like you’re reading a book. Any book or textbook is fine as long as it is bigger than your phone. When the teacher looks at you, pretend like you’re reading. When the teacher isn’t looking at you, tap away on your phone.

2. The Forgot My Ipad Strategy
Next time when you go to school, purposely forget your ipad at home. You can also “accidentally” forget to charge it. When the teacher asks you to do something on the ipad, say that you forgot it at home (or that it’s dead). Then ask if you can use your phone. If the teacher says yes, pull out your phone and pretend to be doing what you’re actually supposed to be doing. Change the screen on your phone to whatever you actually want to do. It is actually a smart idea to first finish the assignment, then go on do what you want on your phone, because if the teacher asks to see it you won’t be doomed. It’s always a good idea to turn your brightness down, so those sneaky people who look over your shoulder can’t see what your doing.

3. The Hide In Binder Strategy
Purposely put your binder on your desk. A binder that is filled with papers and is messy will work best. Slip your phone under some papers in your binder so that it doesn’t seem like your phone is there. When the teacher looks away, casually stick your hand under the papers to your phone.

4. The Pencil Bag Strategy
Put your pencil bag in your lap. Make sure that your pencil bag has things in it, so when you put your phone in it’s not obvious. Put your phone in your pencil bag. Sneak your hand into your pencil bag, and use your phone. If someone asks what you’re doing, say that you’re looking for something in your pencil bag.

5. The Hoodie Strategy
This strategy works better on days that you actually have to wear jacket. Wear a hoodie jacket that has one large pocket in the front. First, put your phone in your pocket. While sitting at your desk, stick your hands into the front pocket, and do whatever you want to do on your phone. The more you have your phone memorized the better. You can slide your phone out of your pocket, but just remember to quickly put it back in when the teacher walks by.

Other TIps and Strategies:
Don’t use a bright colored case. A brightly colored (or super fancy case) will be easier to spot.
Memorize your phone. This will allow you to text and do things while your eyes are on the actual assignment/teacher, which will make it seem like you’re paying attention.
Make sure you silent everything. Vibrate is ok, but if you have a silent class it will be noticed.
If you get to pick your seat, pick the right spot. Try to pick a seat in the back. Make sure you don’t sit by any teacher’s pets, bullies, or anyone that would turn you in if they caught you. Also try not to sit by the door or window in case someone looks through and catches you.
Be careful if you wear glasses because your phone screen can reflect of your lenses and the teacher will notice that you’re on your phone. Another reason why it’s good to look at the phone screen as little as possible.
If all fails, just say you need to use the restroom, and look at your phone in the stalls.

Written by: Kathryn Odama & Annie Huang