6 flags trip!!

This past Friday our choir got to go to 6 flags for the day and it was SO much fun!!

Our morning started out at 5:50 in the morning… because we had to get up and be at school by 6:15!! Then, the buses left at 6:30 and we were headed to Berne High School to perform our music that we had been working on for a while. After that was over it was time for 6 flags!!!

Once we got to 6 flags we rode the boomerang which was a great ride to start with since it wasn’t very scary at all. It was a quick ride with loops and then it reversed and you went backwards- I could’ve sworn I was going to fall out!! Next, we made our way over to the Iron rattler which was soooo much fun!! One of my friends videoed it too and it is so funny!!! We went on so many other rides that day because the lines were super short but my favorite had to be the Goliath. It was so much fun and there was so many loops!!

This years 6 flags trip was so much fun and I’m already counting down the days until next year!!

Spring break

Over spring break I went to Steamboat,Colorado !! We started out our trip at 5:00 in the morning at the air port yay…. and once our flight landed we got to drive 3 hours to steamboat.

This is a picture I took of the view on one of the slopes
This is a picture I took on the sleigh ride

It was a fun and very eventful trip. I got to go skiing all but one day, I got to sled, and I got to go shopping!! I even got to see two of my friends when I was there and it was so much fun!! We made a snowman, played in the snow, and went shopping the whole entire next day!! One day we also went on a sleigh ride dinner and it was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. At night  since there was hardly any light pollution because it’s such a small town, we could see every single star in the sky!! We even got to see a shooting star.

Over the trip my cousin and I would ski all day and total over the trip I skied 27 blacks!! It was so much fun!! And I can hardly wait until next year to go skiing and maybe even ski more blacks!!

Excited for Spring Break!!

I am super excited for Spring Break !! There is 1 week from tommarow left until it starts!!

One reason why I am very excited for Spring Break is because I think everyone is very ready for a break at this point in the year!! I have been having so much tests, and quizzes lately that I am about to burst, so I cannot WAIT for this 1 week break!!

Another reason why I can hardly wait for Spring Break to begin is because I get to go to Steamboat, Colorado. I am really excited because every year only once I get to go skiing and I am so excited because I haven’t gone in so long!!Yampa Valley, Colorado Dave Soldano via Compfight

I cannot wait to get away from school, and go skiing in 1 week!!

Disney World

My sister, for Westlake cheer is competing in a cheer competition in Orlando, Florida!! So, Tommarow I get to go to Disney World for the next 4 days!!

The first day we are there we are going to go to my favorite Disney park… Magic Kingdom!! I can not wait!! I know exactly what rides I am going to go on: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan ride,  Haunted Mansion, and a lot more!!

The next day we will have to go to my sisters cheer competition for the first half of the day sadly, and then go to either Animal kingdom- where my favorite ride, Expidetion Everest is!! Or we would go to Hollywood studios!! Adventuring On Everest! Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

I have never been to Hollywood Studios, but I have heard so many things about it, and I’m so excited to go on Tower Of Terror, and Rockin’ Roller Coaster!!!

Last year, when we went to Epcot, we really wanted to go on this super fun ride it looked like but there was a two and a half hour wait!!! So, this year I am really hoping to ride that one, and I will try to get a fast pass!!

I am so excited to go to Disney World Tommarow!!


Dreading doing my homework

Ugh! I don’t want to do this!! Every single day I always dread doing my homework!!

To start with, We spend all day at school and then we just have to go home, and spend another 3 hours of work!! I gloomily walk into my house, and throw my backpack to the floor knowing I have to get straight to work!! For people that do not enjoy school like me, homework is always terrible!!

Another reason I always dread doing my homework is because I have after school activities, so every night I am up until midnight working on homework!!! I have no time for all of this terrible stuff!! Having all all this homework, and getting 6 hours of sleep every night makes me want to be a West Ridge Middle School dropout!!

My Flight Experience

Over Christmas break, when I went to Mexico, I had a very nerve racking airport experience!!

Once we got to Mexico City we still had to make our flight to Cabo, and if we didn’t there was no more flights avalible until the very end of our trip!!

Our flight had gotten delayed on the way to Mexico City, so we had to hurry to our flight because we didn’t have as much time as we originally did.  Our whole family was panicking, and stressing because we only had 45 minutes to catch our flight, and still had to go through customs, and find our gate through the huge Mexico City Airport!!

Finally, after what had seemed like all day we got out of customs, and was rushing through the airport, but we still had to check our bags. The guy at the customs booth had taken our sheet that we had to fill out to check our bags,so we had to fill out another one, and now our whole family was freaking out!! Then right after we finished that we walked out of the exit instead of going through the doors that lead to connecting flight gates. We almost gave up here because our flight was sopposed to leave and we were stuck in a jam packed airport with no one around that spoke English!! We didn’t know what, and where to go!! So, we had to get back in some line which we didn’t even know which line it was for, and what it lead to, but we were very lucky it was just security! We ran through the airports once we got through security, and sprinted to our gate hoping our flight hadn’t left yet!!

We were so relived when we got there our flight got delayed!!! We were even early!!!


On the day after Christmas, I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!! It was sooo much fun!!

Our trip started out at 3 in the morning! And, we flew from San Antonio to Mexico City, and Mexico City to Cabo we got there at 10 at night!!

We had so much fun!! The first few days we stayed at our house, and would go in the pool, which it had a super pretty veiw!!This is a picture I took of the view from our pool

3 of the days we went to the beach which was sooo pretty, and we could see the rocks, and the arch from the beach!!Picture I took at the beach

One of the days at the beach we got to go parasailing, which was so much fun but, also scary!!! We got to see the whole entire Cabo San Lucas up in the air!! 

It was a great way to start my new year, and I miss it so so much, and would do anything to go back there right now!!

All photos are taken by me.


Christmas is coming, and there is hardly any days left! I have been waiting all year long for this day!!

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year, and I can hardly wait!! Every year during Christmas time, we have many traditions that we do. We watch the Christmas story every single year, which is our family’s favorite movie of all time. Also, we drive around and look at Christmas lights, and go to Mozarts coffee shop to watch the Christmas light show.

On the 22,  we go to one of my grandparents house and have our Christmas there! It is so much fun, and it’s extra special because we get to celebrate Christmas with both sides of my family!!

Finally on Christmas Day, the day we’ve been waiting for this whole year, we sprint downstairs to see what Santa has brought us!! After we open all of our presents with all of my family, my whole family on the other side comes over to our house to celebrate!!Christmas decoration Katrinitsa via Compfight Katrinitsa via Compfight





Next week is Thanksgiving, and I am super excited!!! Especially because we get to have a 5 day weekend!!

On Thanksgiving, all my family will go out to my grandparents house to celebrate!! We always have the best food and my favorite part is the pies. We have almost every type you can think of! Chocolate,  pumpkin, pecan, Apple, and so many more!!

On the day after Thanksgiving, we will go to my ranch for 3 days! That is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving, and we always have so much fun out there. My dad is going to take me hunting too which I am super excited about!!

The best thing about Thanksgiving is that the day after its now almost Christmas!!! I can’t wait, and the day after Thanksgiving we always put up our tree!!! Thanksgiving dinner table served with turkey, decorated with bright autumn leaves Luminary PhotoProject via Compfight