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Halloween History

This is me in my flower costume from when I was only 1 year old!

Everyone knows that it’s almost that time of the year. The time when ghosts say boo and werewolves howl. The night that is halloween. We all enjoy the going from door to door, collecting candy all through the night. Yet what I find most fun is getting together a halloween costume. Every year I have fun trying to fit together the ideal outfit to wear through the night. Sometimes I choose to make it, other times I become lazy and buy it. Let me give you a little insight into my halloween outfits through the year…

2006: What better to be than a flower? This outfit consisted of 1 year old me inside of a costume where my body was the stem. The part that covered my body was a light green with a dark green ivy pattern and the flower part came up as a hood. It was bright pink around the head and then once it reached my face it became a blooming beautiful flower!

2007: Nothing to wear other than your usual princess dress. I went with the flow and decided that in one point in time I would have to be like any other kid and dress up as a princess. I went with a bell type feel and wore a yellow dress and a silver “bejeweled” crown.

2008: This year I chose to be a fairy! I decided to wear my ballet leotard along with large pink wings. I put my hair in pigtails and was ready to go!

2009: Why not be a character from my favorite book? In 2009 I decided to be Little Red Riding Hood. I had worn this outfit to school before for some project but I loved it so much I wanted to wear it again! This outfit counsisted of your traditional red hood (hence the name Little Red Riding Hood), a plaid skirt, and a plain white t-shirt.

2010: Tuning in to my inner magic, this year I dressed up as a genie! My outfit was pink with gold detail. I had a matching pink cap with golden tulle coming down from the middle.

2011: This year I used my peppy spirit to good use and became a cheerleader! I had a red tank top with a black skirt. My hair was in a ponytail and I had red and black sports streaks under my eyes. Yet the best part is my pom poms! They were a pearl white with a red tint to them! So cool, am I right?!

2012: 7 year old me decided to be your traditional witch. I made my outfit out of things I found around the house. I wore a huge black cloak my grandma randomly had, some black shorts and a black t-shirt. This year I remember having to choose between wearing a fake witch nose or painting my entire face green (I had to choose because if I did both it would cause irratation around my nose). I went with painting my whole face green, yet for some reason, the fake witch nose I bought, yet didn’t wear, is still sitting up in my room.

2013: Some might call me an angel… literally! This year I dressed up as a heavenly angel! I had a halo headband, a long white dress, and a calm attitude to go with it… psych!!!

2014: I decided to change up my typical happy costumes and go with something a little bit scarier. I went as a deadly bride! I had a white dress splattered with “blood”. That wasn’t the only thing splattered with “blood” though. My face was splattered too!

2015:  I kept up with the scary theme in 2015 and was a zombie nerd! I put my hair in your typical nerdy pigtail braids, a collared button down shirt, a plaid skirt, and taped up glasses! Oh, and you can’t forget the fake blood!

2016: In the most recent year I channeled my inner M.C. Hammer and became a rapper! I wore “gold” M.C. Hammer pants (baggy long pants), a plain black t-shirt, a money sign necklace, and a grill (something that seemingly looks like gold plated teeth).

2017: This year is the very first year I am trick-or-treating with a group! My friends and I are all dressing up as basketball players! I am being Kawhi Leonard, who plays for the Spurs. I am wearing his jersey, nike socks, metallic shorts, and glitter on the sides of my face!

Well there you have it, a complete list of every Halloween costume I have ever worn! Thanks for reading and make sure to give me feedback on what you thought was the best costume!!!


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  1. henryi7

    Vampires don’t howl

  2. MiMadre

    I, of course, loved the flower costume!

  3. Mrs. Kriese

    Sounds like you’ve done it up right every year! What fun! From the details you included, it was easy to picture each outfit 🙂

  4. kayleew6

    I love how much detail your putting in this, I also loved reading this post from 2006 all the way to this years Halloween. I would love to read this in about 20 years to see all the costumes. I also thought it was really creative to bold all your costumes, oh and I have to see all your costumes.

  5. Keeand4

    I think that you are really creative in costume choice, the post was so incredibly detailed, I liked how it was in chronological order instead of just a list.

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