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The Man at the Door

I am blind. The fog allows me to see barely a millimeter in front of me. I try using my hand to sweep it away, but the fog seems to be untouchable. Transparent. Just a reflection. I am stuck in a never-ending mind game. I sit down feeling defeated… wait a second. I haven’t told you how I got here! Let’s rewind…

It was a bright and sunny day. About mid-October, when I heard a loud and prominent knock on my door. I rush to the door, my dog barking and panting, to see who it is. This is when it all starts. As I swing open the door a friendly, yet unfamiliar, face greets me. There are a few moments of awkward silence, until I decided to pipe up. “How may I help you, sir.” He smirks at me for what seems like forever, then proceeds to ask if I was the owner of the house. I answer with a polite “Yes”, then fall silent once again. He seems to scan me, from my face to my toes, with a disapproving glare. Then he simply says, with no emotion, “Come with me, now. They are almost here.”


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  1. katej4

    Hi Kayley! I love stories with growing suspense and a breathtaking cliffhanger and yours showed both and so much more! I loved everything about it and I even caught myself thinking of what could happen next. Is it a continuous post? If so, I am so excited to read the next one!😄

  2. lucam2

    I love the trapped feeling you create at the beginning with the fog. Also, you. Keep a great mystery it’s the perfect hook! The detail of how the Mysterious Man is arrogant and condescending tone is great!

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