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The Importance of Yesterday

Some may say that each and everyday is a new opportunity. That you can put yesterday behind you, and start a new life tomorrow. Well, I’m not saying that isn’t true. I’m just saying that sometimes yesterday is as important as today, or tomorrow, or as any other day of the year.

Yesterday prepares you for what you will face the next day. Yesterday symbolizes the past, and what memories you hold responsible to in the future. Yesterday was the day you turned 13. It was the day you first went to the zoo. It was the day your dog died. It was the day you first became a big sister. Yesterday is the day you became who you are. Every new day leads to more memories and ideas, but without the past, those thoughts would just vanish. There would be no past to turn to, no emotions to feel, and no yesterday to guide you.

As Annie once said, “The sun will come out tomorrow”, but as we all know, the sun must fall before it can rise. And as we all know, that bright and shining sun fell yesterday.


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  1. Dad

    Awesome blog, very true.

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