So far in my short life, skiing has been an experience that keeps me going. Year after year I look forward to go skiing, and year after year skiing still holds a special place in my heart.

Imagine flying in the sky, high above the world. High above the drama, hate, and problems. High above the life that you know. This is skiing. The rush of the cold, windy air as you propel yourself down the mountain. The relaxation of the freezing snow as it hits your face. The smooth surface as your skis glide over the white ground. I can still remember when I put on my first pair of skis. When I rode the magic carpet up the bunny slope. When I practically fell down the small hill. When I first realized how much skiing would change my life.

So now whenever my parents announce that we are going skiing, I don’t just do a little happy dance. No way. Instead I jump up, and twirl around, and shout hooray… because I get to go skiing.