Dear Wonder Woman,

I remember the first day of 2nd grade, my teacher had us complete a “get to know you” worksheet. One of the questions on this sheet was, “What is your favorite superhero?” Back then, in those good ol’ days, I didn’t have a clue that you were a superhero. Of course I knew the usual ones, Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman, Hulk. But I strived to find one that truly meant something to me. My teacher may have thought I was insane, but I began to research other superheroes. That is when I stumbled across you.

In order to find my ideal hero, I thought of qualities I would want to possess. I would want strength, determination, flight, an awesome object, and of course, it would have to be a girl. In my young, 2nd grade mind, I didn’t think that such a hero had ever been created. Of course, I would not give up that easily. After searching and searching I finally found my hero… and her name was Wonder Woman.

You practically have every superhero’s powers combined!

Hulk has the strong-man-I-will-beat-you-up vibe, while Captain America has no true powers, but has his fancy shield, and Spider-Man is so nimble that he can effortlessly fly from one building to the other with his webs. Ya, these heroes are great and all, but you are so underestimated it’s honestly sad. You are extremely strong, you not only have one cool object, but two (lasso and invisible jet), and you can fly up in the air as if a goddess (which you are). No one truly understands the fact of how unique, and great, you truly are.

You are the ideal representation of girl power!

If anyone truly represent girl power, it’s you! No matter where you are; a busy city, an old and war ridden town, or even the island where you grew up, you aren’t afraid to show your true colors. You wear a headdress made of gold, a metal leotard, a lasso full of power, and you entire body is practically bullet proof. You never let anyone stop you, especially men, just because you are a girl. You fight better than any other superhero, you care more than any other superhero, you are better than any other superhero, and you know it! No one really gets how empowering you are to girls and women everywhere.

Your attitude is strong and it keeps you going!

Anyone can be strong, anyone can be powerful, but it won’t really get you anywhere without a good attitude. You make the best out of every situation, and you care for others the way you fight for others. Take Steve Trevor for example. The only reason you originally associated with him was because of the raging war, but as you began to fight, you learned to watch his back. You cared for him, showed him the power of the world, and when he died *spoiler alert* it was because he was dying to save you! No one knows how much your attitude contributes to your power.

As you can see, you are overall amazing and wonderful! There may be superheroes that are strong, emotional, fast, powerful, but no one can pull it off quite like you. You not only have all of the qualifications to be deemed an “appropriate superhero”, but you have even more to offer. Wonder Woman, you are inspiring and show everyone what it truly means to be a superhero. Though you may be overlooked, never stop being yourself.

Kayley K