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Flight Fiasco Continued…

Finally the weight starts to move, first down to 49, then back up to 50 then- no, it can’t be! The weight stops at… 47? Everyone in the airport seemed to look to each other, thinking the exact same thing as us: how did that work? Well, we definitely weren’t complaining! We countinue are quest to reach our gate in time. Up the stairs. Around the corner. Though the hall. It seemed that the airport was just a maze, trapping us for eternity. At last we escape. But then, wait, what is that I see? Another line… even longer than the first! Just when you get through one line, it seemed you just hopped to the next.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, oh and… wait. These were the words describing what we were doing now. Waiting around in customs all day long did not seem like my ideal way of vacation, yet here we sat. By now I am pretty sure that the man scanning boarding passes at the front is actually a slug. One boarding pass (waits 10 minutes), two boarding passes (waits 10 minutes), and so on. After waiting another whopping 1 hour and 30 minutes, we finally get through customs. Oh no… now we only have 30 minutes to get to our gate!

Run… run… run… skrrrr. We come to a screeching stop next to the information booth. “We have been searching everywhere, and we still can’t find our gate”, I gasp out to the lading working the booth. “Well, let me see your boarding passes”, she responds. “Ahhh, yes. You see, you are in terminal C. In order to get to this terminal you will have to make your way down to the trains, and catch a ride there.” Are you kidding me, I silently think to myself. Nevertheless we start making are way towards the trains, ready for this whole hassle to just be over.

“The train doors are closing, the train doors are closing”, says the lady’s voice, hidden in the walls of the train. We weren’t going to make it. There was just no way. Until… we did. Though we were panting like dogs and out of breath, we had gotten on the train. Unfortunately, it wasn’t over just yet. As the clock ticked down the minutes, we all came up with a plan. My dad and I (the two fastest runners) would sprint ahead to our gate. Meanwhile, the rest of my family would jog behind us. The train doors opened, and my dad and I were off. The train had taken longer than any of us were expecting, so now we had only 5 minutes to reach our gate…

”I see it”, I excitedly cry out to my dad. “But wait, why are there tons of people waiting by the gate? Everyone should have boarded by now, right?” We jog up to the flight attendant waiting by our gate. Could it be that our old flight had left. And now a new flight was about to board? “How may I help you”, the flight attendant politely asked us. “We are supposed to be on the flight heading to Sydney. Have they already departed”, my dad responds.

Now what the lady says next seems to bring the entire world to a halting stop. No more going around the sun, spinning on its axis, or any of that. Time itself seemed to halt when those words came out of the flight attendants mouth… “The flight heading to Sydney has been delayed by 2 hours due to weather issues!”

Flight Fiasco: Part 1

“Run faster. Come on. Let’s go!” These were the words coming out of my parents mouths as we sprinted though the airport. People were merely a blur, and I’m sure they could say the same for us. But hold on- you don’t know the full story yet. Let’s start from the beginning…

“Would you mind driving a little faster”, my aunt politely tells the taxi driver. In my opinion, we were already going pretty fast. Yet sure enough, the taxi driver picks up the speed and it suddenly seems like we are flying. I look out the window: a bit difficult seeing that I was squished in-between my brother and aunt. The bright Australian sun blinds me for a few seconds until I turn away. I like to think that the sun here- in beautiful Australia– is different. But really, deep inside, I know that this sun is the exact same one as the one I look at in Austin.

The taxi finally pulled to a stop in front of the airport. My entire family jumps out of the car, and grabs the luggage packed into the trunk. My mother says “We have only 3 hours to check our bags, go though customs, and get on our flight.”

Now, you might be asking, “Where is this flight to?” Well, my aunt, my brother, my mom, my dad, my grandparents, and myself are all flying from our previous location of Brisbane to Sydney (they are both located in Australia)- that is if we ever make our flight! Keeping this in mind we rush to check in our luggage, hoping the line to be short. As we approach the line… wait no it can’t be… the line is all the way down the hall! I guess there is nothing to do but wait…

An hour passes by and we are finally at the the front of the line. We practically throw our bags on the luggage scale. We get through our first 4 bags (you can’t blame us, we have 7 people) and are scaling our 5th one. The luggage meter starts at 40… goes up 3 pounds… goes up another 4… goes up 3. The weight is now at 50 pounds and if we go one over this weight, we will have to take time to rearrange our bags so we don’t have to pay. The weight hesitates, as if stalling, understanding our dire situation. Finally the weight starts to move, first down to 49, then back up to 50 then- no, it can’t be! The weight stops at…


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