This is my cousin and I dressed in our West Virginia gear at the tailgate!

Lets gooo Mountaineers! Lets gooo Mountaineers! This cheer was the reason that I ended up in Washington D.C., the reason why I was alongside my cousins, aunt, and grandparents. We had all gathered to cheer on our football team. The West Virginia Mountaineers!

A little after lunch time, after taking a beautiful tour of D.C., we hopped on a crowded bus. Not just any bus though… the WVU bus. This bus was going to specifically take us to the WVU tailgate, which was right by the stadium. We were all ready in our West Virginia gear and ready to go have some fun. After waiting for what seemed like forever, the bus finally left the station and we were off. The bus was packed full of crazy fans, excited to cheer on their favorite team. The bus was quiet enough until someone started playing music, but I’m not complaining. We all sang along to our favorite tunes as we drove farther and farther away from the station, yet closer and closer to the stadium.

Our bus was stuck. Stuck like mud in the blocked traffic only a mile away from the tailgate. My impatient self got the best of me and I suggested we get out and walk the rest of the way to the tailgate. The bus driver agreed that was an option so we hopped off the bus and started our (short) journey toward the tailgate.

Loud music and joyful talking filled my ears as we approached the tailgate. My cousins came running over, talking over themselves about who knows what. Time flew after that. I went and got some food, played some games with my cousins, hung out, and then the song came on, “Country Roads” by John Denver. It felt as if every single person at the tailgate was singing along. It was like there was nothing in the world that mattered more at the moment. We had all bonded together over something that is important to each and every one of us. It’s those certain moments that I will remember forever.