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My Hero’s Journey Into Triathlons

My Hero’s Journey Into Triathlons

“Where the World Ends and Paradise Begins”

This is me and my cabin posing after a swim!


“Where the World Ends and Paradise Begins”. This is the quote that symbolises one of my favorite places. A place where I go to make friends and be a friend. Not only a place, but a paradise. I call it… Camp Longhorn.

The bus reaches a rocky road with a tall arch looming over it. My eyes drift upwards, reaching sight of the Camp Longhorn logo, a simple and typical longhorn. We drive on. The road, so rocky with stones and rocks, leaves the bus fighting for balance. Hilarious signs line the road, encouraging your happiness that this is going to be a great year at camp.

Finally the bus approaches to a stop. The bus erupts in chaos, girl after girl jumping out of there seats pushing their way to the front. Eventually, a counselor wanting to keep her life, tells all the campers to take a seat and wait patiently for the doors to open.

After waiting for what seemed like years, the bus doors burst open. The same counselor, not wavering from the incident earlier, moves us into a single file line. One by one we step off the bus, awaiting what cabin we will be put into. I step off the bus. The polite counselor asks for my first and last name. “Kayley”, I respond, waiting eagerly for my cabin assignment. “Lets see here”, she says, her eyes scanning the paper. “Ahh, here it is”, she exclaims. “You have been put in…”.

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