The darkness engulfs the dock
Moonlight, the only source of seeing
The waves seem to rudely mock
The seagulls overhead, just being

The whispers of the wind
Telling secrets of the ocean
I seem to be pinned
The secrets a stunning potion

The quiet air sings songs, as if to only bluff
Of what it once was
About how day made the waves tough
But all because
The ocean was more peaceful at night 

Then like a bird
Flying off and away
My vision suddenly blurred
And what just had to stay

Was that bright and shining sun
Oh, that bright and shining sun
Then the night was done
And gone to stay


Have you ever been somewhere in life- anywhere in the world- and just stood there and thought: this is the place. The place I will always remember. The place where I can be who I want to be. Well, for me this place was Port O’Connor on the Gulf of Mexico. So what better than to write about this beautiful beach that definitely holds a special place in my heart.

In this draft, I decided to experiment a lot with rhyming. I felt as if I could really enjoy poems with words that rhyme. The reason for this is because I felt that poems with rhyme achieved a different depth than other poems. A depth where you could both enjoy the poem, and understand the meaning behind it.

Another style I tried out in my poem was a shift, or change. At the beginning of the poem you could feel the calmness of the night and how soothing it made me feel. Yet then, near the end of the poem, you might have felt a change in the mood. This change was the fact that the bright sun came up: yet my attitude went down. This sunrise gave me a sad feeling, as if the peacefulness I had felt before had left along with the night.