This is a picture of me serving the winning point for our team last year!

I walk in through the large court doors of the Austin Sports Center gym, determined to try my best. I’ve been to another AJV (Austin Junior Volleyball) tryout before, but now it seems pressure hangs in the air. I notice different stations set up, all to test my athletic ability. I first head to the warm up station. I do my usual routine, you know, the lunges and all that. After completing my stretching, I headed off to see which station to do first. I decide best to do one with a smaller line, after all there were quite a few people there. Then I saw it, the basketball throws. A way to test your stength in volleyball serving. Nearly no line and a great way to start of my day.

I wait patiently until at last its my turn. I kneel down and grab the basketball. It feels light in my hands. I pull it to my chest, rock back, and throw it as far as I can. I repeat this three times, beating my previous record each time. Then I move onto the next station, shuttle runs.

I ready my feet as the timer counts down, 5 then 4 then 3,2,1, GO!!!! I race to quickly turn around as I complete the first short sprint. I continue this for what seems like minutes but is only mere seconds. Finally I race through the final sprint and I am done. I go onto complete various other athletic excersises and drills but the part we need to skip forward to is day 2 of tryouts, when I figure out what team I made…

“You may go… NOW”, the head coach screams as every girl runs to the other gym. I, among these girls, race to go look at the board located in the other gym. The board that tells us which team everyone made. The board that tells me how my tryouts really went. I reach the large swarm of girls eager to see what team they made. I catch glimpses of very happy girls, excited about there new team. Yet, I also catch sight of sad girls, disappointed despite their efforts to appear happy. I manange to push my way to the front. I take a deep breath as my eyes catch my tryout number. Another look and then I find my team… Navy!