“You will stay in the castle dungeons until you decide to cooperate


The word lingers in the back of my head. They put me in here a week ago. They keep me blindfolded so I can’t use my ability. Everyday one of the king’s men come in to see if I had changed my mind. No.

My parents passed away five years ago. I suppose this is a good thing. The king can’t hurt ¬†anyone I care about. He can’t break me, and without leverage, he can’t control me.

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. They stop in front of my cell. “So what will it be today, Aileen Silver?” A guard asks, “Will you join the king or stay in the dungeons until you decide to cooperate?”

There’s that word again. “I’ll stay,” I say as I lift the corners of my lips, slightly.

He growls, “Well today is your lucky day, the king has requested to see you.” I can practically see him smirking. I tilt my head up a little smiling at him even though I can’t see anything except for darkness.

“Great, what time shall we meet?”


He carefully untied the rope binding my hands and feet together. He pulls me up until I’m on my feet. He guides me forward and up the stairs, not bothering to stop even when I stumble. I hear the sound of doors open and I am being pushed. Someone forces me onto my knees and ties my hands again. Slowly, the blindfold comes off.

I look up and find myself facing the king.


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  1. kathryno3
    October 28, 2015 at 9:38 pm (4 years ago)

    I liked how you left the story with a cliff hanger because it makes me wonder what happens next. If you make a follow up of this are you going to reveal what her power is? You made it seem like the king wants something from her, if that’s true what does he want from her?


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