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I walk down the long, everlasting hall with my hands bound by chains. There are two men on either side of me holding me up by my arms. Clank, clank, the chains binding my wrists click together. The only sound that I can hear besides my heartbeat are heavy footsteps.

The smell hits me first. The awful stench of blood, sweat, and fear.

We finally come to a giant pair of metal doors. One of the men walks forward and pushes the doors open. The screams. Inside is a giant room with at least 100 cells. Most of them are filled but a couple are empty. The two men push me in and lead me to the back of the room where there is an empty cell. As we walk by, people mutter curses and glare at me.

I glare right back.

I finally get to an empty cell and I am being pushed into it. The door closes and I hear it lock. My eyes widen and I rush to the door, grasping the bars. I push and pull but know it’s no use.

“The master will be with you shortly,” the men say in unison. Weird.

Minutes have passed and the men have left.

“Why are you hear?” a high pitched voice asks in the cell next to me.

“I attempted to murder the king.”

The Calling

I run through the forest, weaving through trees and jumping over fallen logs. I can feel my heart pounding against my chest. Run, run, run, my instincts scream at me.

They can’t find. I won’t let them. I will not be a prisoner again.

Once I think I lost them, I come to a stop. I look around and see trees as tall as mountains and leaves of every shade of red. I hear the sound of water so I follow the sound.  As I walk, I hear the leaves crunch beneath my feet. I finally see a small stream so I kneel down to wash the dirt from my hands.


I hear the sound a twig break behind me. I spin around just to find an elk about the size of a small van staring at me. Time stops and the forest fades away as I look into the elk’s big, brown eyes.

One, two, three seconds pass by.

The elk’s ears twitch slightly and then it suddenly turns and leaps away. I release the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. I then feel something sharp against my throat and I struggle to breathe.

“Found you,” a deep voice whispers into my ear.


“You will stay in the castle dungeons until you decide to cooperate


The word lingers in the back of my head. They put me in here a week ago. They keep me blindfolded so I can’t use my ability. Everyday one of the king’s men come in to see if I had changed my mind. No.

My parents passed away five years ago. I suppose this is a good thing. The king can’t hurt  anyone I care about. He can’t break me, and without leverage, he can’t control me.

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. They stop in front of my cell. “So what will it be today, Aileen Silver?” A guard asks, “Will you join the king or stay in the dungeons until you decide to cooperate?”

There’s that word again. “I’ll stay,” I say as I lift the corners of my lips, slightly.

He growls, “Well today is your lucky day, the king has requested to see you.” I can practically see him smirking. I tilt my head up a little smiling at him even though I can’t see anything except for darkness.

“Great, what time shall we meet?”


He carefully untied the rope binding my hands and feet together. He pulls me up until I’m on my feet. He guides me forward and up the stairs, not bothering to stop even when I stumble. I hear the sound of doors open and I am being pushed. Someone forces me onto my knees and ties my hands again. Slowly, the blindfold comes off.

I look up and find myself facing the king.


Darkness before Light

I sit in the corner of a cell. A small cell with a small twin sized bed with plain, white sheets. Brick walls all around. A cell that has no windows or ways for light to get in. There is only one metal door that has several locks on the outside.

A cell.

My cell.

I sit in the corner hugging my knees thinking of what it would be like if I hadn’t got caught. They put me in here, two hundred and fifty seven days ago because I am one of the few people in this world who have an ability, and for that I am dangerous to the society. They have people in white lab coats come in every now and then to take a small amount of blood from me. My ability is especially dangerous because my ability is survival. They can’t kill me. I’m a survivor.



I hear the locks on the door open.


The door opens and I see two men come in. That never happens. Never. Maybe they’ve found a way to end me. Kill me.


I smile at the thought.

Let them try.