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You can’t escape them…they’ll always find you.

I run, and run, and run until my feet give out. Don’t stop, don’t look—don’t get caught.
I get back up and stumble towards the door.

Farther, just a little farther,” I whisper to myself.

I hear footsteps behind me, pounding, pounding, pounding. I can’t help it…I look back. Armed men chase me with rifles strapped to their backs.

Shouldn’t have looked back…

I finally make it towards the door. I desperately grab the knob and turn it. The door doesn’t open. I try again, and again, and again.

No luck.

I run my hands through my knotted hair and slump against the door. The men are getting closer. They’ll catch me any second now.

Great, one more month trapped here.

My vision blurs and everything falls apart. I feel hands grab me and pull me to my feet. Before I get dragged back into my cell, I hear someone whisper, “Maybe next time…”

Break Free

I wake up to the sound of screams, screams that echo off the walls. I cover my ears with my hands, hoping that somehow it will help. It doesn’t.

Ring! Ring!

The ear piercing alarm goes off. The doors open. Hundreds of people run out of their cells. I get up. I don’t run. There’s no point.

I walk out of the prison and into the courtyard. Sunlight immediately blinds me. I look around and see all of the other prisoners hopeful and nervous. There are guards everywhere so that we can’t escape. An electric fence lies beyond them. Then lies the wall. The wall is at least twenty feet high and surrounds the prison.

”Okay everyone, who wants to try today?” a guard asks.

Everyday at 1:00 they let prisoners try to break free. But no one has ever made it past the fence. No one.

Today is the day I get to make history. Today is the day I escape. Today is the day I will be free.

I raise my hand and walk forward. I hear people laugh and snicker.

He narrows his eyes and raises an eyebrow, “Again?”

When I nod he says, “Okay then, you know the rules, you do anything you can to escape, and we do everything we can to prevent you from escaping.”

When I nod again, he leads me towards a grass field where I will start.

I inhale, then exhale.

“Ready…..GO!” He shouts.

I smile. I am ready. I will not fail again. I won’t make the same mistake. I am stronger this time.

I start sprinting towards the fence—towards my freedom.

The Phantom’s Lair

I walk down the long, dark, everlasting halls that are lit with torches. I finally reach a set of doors—doors with an unusual pattern of swirls and curves. I run my hands over the pattern.
Creeeeaaaak….the doors slowly swing open.

I gasp. I am looking at a room with crimson walls, and a glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I see a brown couch in the center of the room facing a large t.v. A mahogany bookshelf is sitting in a corner. Everything is so fancy, so old—so elegant.

I walk through an opening to another room which looks like a bedroom. A king sized bed is in the center. A large mirror hangs from one of the walls. A manikin is beside it wearing a black suit and a white mask.

I see another small room—a closet. I nervously walk towards it, afraid of what lies inside. Masks, suits, and costumes fill the closet. One in particular catches my eye. My old dress that I wore when I was in the Phantom’s opera! My eyes widen.

“Christine…” a raspy, low voice whispers by my ear making me shiver.

“It has been too long…” the Phantom whispers again, his breath hot against my neck. I feel something sharp against my neck.

“You left me…”

My eyes widen. Then I scream.