ISR Assignment

The book I last read was “The Great Greene Heist” by Varian Johnson. This book is set in Maplewood Middle School with main character Jackson Greene. 

Jackson Greene has a long past with cons. But when he’s caught he has to give it up and his almost girlfriend, Gaby, wants nothing to do with him. But when the student council election comes up and somebody out of the blue drops out and Keith Sinclair, a rich self absorbed person, gets in a day after deadline Charlie, Gaby’s brother, knows something’s up so Charlie goes to Jackson. Jackson who’s not aloud to even carry around a phone anymore, at first he resists but eventually he says yes. Charlie and Jackson start up a crew and make up the hardest and most complicated plan Jackson has ever done. First, they recruit Hashemi an uber nerd, Star Wars lover, technology genius, and Jackson’s best friend. Then they recruit Bradley and Victor. When they have a strong suspicion that Dr. Kelsey, Jackson tests him and finds that he is on it. First, they have to make a key for the lock to get into the room with the Scantron. So, Bradley risks his nose to find out what brand of lock it was. When Bradley tells Jackson it’s the thing he was worried he was gonna say, th Guttenbabel 2100. The Guttenbabel 2100 is a lock that no one can crack so they get a key that takes days to make. Then when Victor betrays them and gives Keith all the keys, they have to make a new plan. The new plan includes a scantron machine, ballots, and a lot of sneaking around. Once everything works out Gaby wins, Keith gets caught cheating, and the money Keith was bribing Dr. Kelsey with all goes to the funds of the after school clubs.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone!