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Advice for Future 7th Graders


I can remember my first day of 7th grade like it was yesterday! I had 20 mechanical pencils, a perfect locker with a chandelier, curtains, and a rug, and I was organized! Now I have 0 pencils, a locker that can’t even stay shut, and I am so stressed out my brain can’t even function anymore. Pretty soon my brain is gonna forget to tell my heart to keep beating! So if you are going into 7th grade I suggest you take my advice!

  1. Keep your locker organized
  2. Keep a calendar for upcoming events and things that are due
  3. Keep a planner for keeping track of homework
  4. Keep a pencil box
  5. Bring an extra pencil for someone to “borrow”
  6. Don’t put curtains in your locker
  7. Don’t take French if you have a bad memory
  8. Keep a change of clothes in your locker in case you get dress coded
  9. Keep your IPad charged
  10. Keep separate folders for different classes and put them in a binder

 Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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Recently in my English class we read The Giver; and to be honest I am not a huge fan. I will admit I liked the book until I finished it!

I loved how the book had me constantly on the edge of my seat, always wondering what the release was, how they genetically modified a human to only see black and white, or how they stopped the rain from falling. But as I got towards the end I was very displeased!

In my opinion the book ended on a very low note! Jonas and Gabriel were lost, starving, cold, and tired, while peddling up a steep hill! WHAT?! After I read the very last word of the famous book The Giver, I was very disappointed! The Giver will certainty not be in my top 10 list of favorite books!

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Mary’s Dad has 5 daughters, NaNa, NeNe, NiNi, NoNo, What is the 5ths daughters name?

Answer is in comments

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The Muffin


Her body was small
and fluffy
and cute
and as she lay on her pool float
she turned
and snapped at the robot pool sweeper
that was spraying her with it’s tail
And I saw her purple bow
her pink dress
and her fawn colored
fur with tints of white
then out the pool
with four tiny feet
shearing without a jingle of her collar,
she ran-that adorable dog
small, fluffy, cute
part Yorkie, part Maltese,
and all Morkie
for her blood is warm

Inspired by the Shark written by Edwin John Pratt 

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A Time I was Scared


It was a warm fall day and my Dad was at a meeting and my Mom was working out, so I decided to help out and babysit my 2 little sisters. Bad idea.
My youngest sister Taylor, went upstairs to take a shower and the next thing I know she is downstairs running around in circles naked. “THE SHOWER HEAD EXPLODED WE ARE GOING TO DROWNED!” she screamed. “Taylor calm down that made no since.” I replied. “The shower head exploded and now there is water flooding the bathroom! she yelled. I ran upstairs as fast as I could, and she was right, there was water everywhere! The faucet came completely off and water was shooting out of it and wouldn’t stop. So I called my parents but they wouldn’t answer. I ran over to my neighbers house and thanfully he was home. He rushed over and turned the water off. The bathroom was so floaded that the ceiling above the garage started to crumble! Thanfully it was all resolved and the bathroom was fixed. The next time my parents ask me to babysit, I am going to say no!

CC0 Photo via Pixabay

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Is it Okay to Break the Rules?


Is it okay to break the rules? There are times when following rules can keep you safe; but there’s also times when breaking rules can change an unfair rule. Or even save lives! That’s why I believe it is sometimes okay to break the rules, and sometimes not: it depends.
A good example of breaking the rules is the Holocaust. The Nazis made a rule that if people hid the Jews then they themselves would be killed. However, some brave people broke that dreadful rule and hid Jews in their houses. That is why I think it is okay to break rules.
But also there are some examples of good rules that you should follow. Such as don’t kill another human being. If people could kill each other then imagine going to the grocery store having to watch everyone’s every move! I don’t know about you but I would die of starvation from being too scared to step outside of my house. That’s why I believe that you should listen to some rules.
I understand some rules are for the better. But some rules are just meant to be broken! That is why I think that sometimes it is okay to break the rules.

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The Phantom of the Royal Ballet


You could faintly hear the sound of music in the distance. A mouse ran across the room. Water dripped off the wall and into the cavern river that seemed to go on forever. In the corner sat the Phantom humming to the ballet music played from above as the production of Cinderella was being premiered. He was picturing the dancers leaping and turning across the stage. He was picturing there beautiful costumes. He was picturing Giselle.


Photo by computer clip art

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Phantom of the Opera


This month in English class we read the script of Phantom of the Opera! I personally am in between liking it and disliking it!

I like the whole romance/mystery theme of it but I never felt like I was on the edge of my seat! But I certainly loved the music, especially “Think of me” and “Masquerade!” I wish it didn’t end on such a sad note. I am still glad we read about it class; I have always wondered what the musical was about.

I would certainly love to see the musical, and I can’t wait to see the movie. Hopefully it won’t be as depressing and disappointing as the musical script!

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Life as we Knew it (Book)


I just finished the book Life as we Knew it! Written by Susan Pfeffer. I loved it I was always left on the edge of my seat!

The book is written as her diary and everyday she writes inserts about what is happening in Indianappolis and pretty much the whole world as its coming to an end. The moon was hit by a meteour and is closer then ever before. Causing tsunamis, hurricanes, blizzards, and pretty much any natural disaster possible; the whole New York City is covered in water and now it is just an extention of the ocean.

Miranda and her family go through multiple obstacles to try to survive while all of there friends and far away family die.
Will they survive?

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My Holiday Vacation


My holiday was exciting! I was so excited for being able to sleep in till 10, for my gold Iphone 6, and Christmas! All of these things made my holiday so fun! Instead of sitting on the couch all day watching Spongbob and dreading for school to start, I had stuff to look forward too! Thats why my Christmas break has been the best of all!

Tree of Light Jon Nagl via Compfight


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