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Phantom of the Opera


This month in English class we read the script of Phantom of the Opera! I personally am in between liking it and disliking it! I like the whole romance/mystery theme of it but I never felt like I was on the edge of my seat! But I certainly loved the music, especially “Think of me” […]

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Life as we Knew it (Book)


I just finished the book Life as we Knew it! Written by Susan Pfeffer. I loved it I was always left on the edge of my seat! The book is written as her diary and everyday she writes inserts about what is happening in Indianappolis and pretty much the whole world as its coming to […]

My Holiday Vacation


My holiday was exciting! I was so excited for being able to sleep in till 10, for my gold Iphone 6, and Christmas! All of these things made my holiday so fun! Instead of sitting on the couch all day watching Spongbob and dreading for school to start, I had stuff to look forward too! […]

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