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My Holiday Vacation


My holiday was exciting! I was so excited for being able to sleep in till 10, for my gold Iphone 6, and Christmas! All of these things made my holiday so fun! Instead of sitting on the couch all day watching Spongbob and dreading for school to start, I had stuff to look forward too! Thats why my Christmas break has been the best of all!

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“My Holiday Vacation”

  1. January 8th, 2016 at 5:43 PM      Reply arnoldn4 Says:

    Wow, it really sounds like you had an amazing Christmas and Winter break. I wish I could have a good of a break as you; here’s how my break went: so the first three days my family and I just stayed back home we did a bunch of boring stuff here are some: so first I watched TV, then I studied for 1 hr, and then I practiced Piano for 2 Hrs, after that I practiced karate for 1 hr. My family and I were also moving so that was 5 hrs of packing and moving, and since we are moving we had no Christmas tree or a place in Austin to celebrate. so around the weekend of the first week we went to my cousins house and it was boring as usual my aunt gave my sister a new pair of boots there and my brother and I got nothing for Christmas not even from our Parents. when we returned home after 3 days there. it was just terrible we had to move a bunch of other stuff and so my break was seriously depressing!! 🙁 anyways I’m really glad you had a better Christmas then I had.

  2. January 8th, 2016 at 5:48 PM      Reply kristenl4 Says:

    Your Christmas sounded amazing! I got an iPhone last Christmas as well, but it obviously wasn’t the six. I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope the coming years are as amazing as 2015!

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