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Is it Okay to Break the Rules?


Is it okay to break the rules? There are times when following rules can keep you safe; but there’s also times when breaking rules can change an unfair rule. Or even save lives! That’s why I believe it is sometimes okay to break the rules, and sometimes not: it depends.
A good example of breaking the rules is the Holocaust. The Nazis made a rule that if people hid the Jews then they themselves would be killed. However, some brave people broke that dreadful rule and hid Jews in their houses. That is why I think it is okay to break rules.
But also there are some examples of good rules that you should follow. Such as don’t kill another human being. If people could kill each other then imagine going to the grocery store having to watch everyone’s every move! I don’t know about you but I would die of starvation from being too scared to step outside of my house. That’s why I believe that you should listen to some rules.
I understand some rules are for the better. But some rules are just meant to be broken! That is why I think that sometimes it is okay to break the rules.

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