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Recently in my English class we read The Giver; and to be honest I am not a huge fan. I will admit I liked the book until I finished it! I loved how the book had me constantly on the edge of my seat, always wondering what the release was, how they genetically modified a […]

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Mary’s Dad has 5 daughters, NaNa, NeNe, NiNi, NoNo, What is the 5ths daughters name? Answer is in comments

The Muffin


Her body was small and fluffy and cute and as she lay on her pool float she turned and snapped at the robot pool sweeper that was spraying her with it’s tail And I saw her purple bow her pink dress and her fawn colored fur with tints of white then out the pool with […]

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A Time I was Scared


It was a warm fall day and my Dad was at a meeting and my Mom was working out, so I decided to help out and babysit my 2 little sisters. Bad idea. My youngest sister Taylor, went upstairs to take a shower and the next thing I know she is downstairs running around in […]

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