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A Time I was Scared


It was a warm fall day and my Dad was at a meeting and my Mom was working out, so I decided to help out and babysit my 2 little sisters. Bad idea.
My youngest sister Taylor, went upstairs to take a shower and the next thing I know she is downstairs running around in circles naked. “THE SHOWER HEAD EXPLODED WE ARE GOING TO DROWNED!” she screamed. “Taylor calm down that made no since.” I replied. “The shower head exploded and now there is water flooding the bathroom! she yelled. I ran upstairs as fast as I could, and she was right, there was water everywhere! The faucet came completely off and water was shooting out of it and wouldn’t stop. So I called my parents but they wouldn’t answer. I ran over to my neighbers house and thanfully he was home. He rushed over and turned the water off. The bathroom was so floaded that the ceiling above the garage started to crumble! Thanfully it was all resolved and the bathroom was fixed. The next time my parents ask me to babysit, I am going to say no!

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