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Advice for Future 7th Graders


I can remember my first day of 7th grade like it was yesterday! I had 20 mechanical pencils, a perfect locker with a chandelier, curtains, and a rug, and I was organized! Now I have 0 pencils, a locker that can’t even stay shut, and I am so stressed out my brain can’t even function anymore. Pretty soon my brain is gonna forget to tell my heart to keep beating! So if you are going into 7th grade I suggest you take my advice!

  1. Keep your locker organized
  2. Keep a calendar for upcoming events and things that are due
  3. Keep a planner for keeping track of homework
  4. Keep a pencil box
  5. Bring an extra pencil for someone to “borrow”
  6. Don’t put curtains in your locker
  7. Don’t take French if you have a bad memory
  8. Keep a change of clothes in your locker in case you get dress coded
  9. Keep your IPad charged
  10. Keep separate folders for different classes and put them in a binder

 Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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