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This photo is important to me because I love hanging out with friends! I love having sleepovers, road trips, or just walking around the mall/galleria with my friends. Believe it or not I am SUPER shy when I am not around friends. Put me with my friends and I am the loudest and most talkative in the group. I do best when I am in a group not solo.

Heartless 💔

I was reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer. The main characters are Catherine and Jest. Catherine and Jest both live in wonderland. In this version of wonderland there are 2 countrys, Hearts and Chess. Catherine lives in Hearts and Jest lives in Chess, but traveled to Hearts. Most of this story is in Hearts except towards the end where they are trying to escape to Chess. It’s really hard to explain but I will try my best. So the King wants to marry Catherine but she doesn’t want to marry him. She wants to open up her own bakery with her best friend/maid. Then Jest the joker comes along and she gets this feeling (love) and he also “loves” her. Then the King asked to court her and Catherine agreed even though she loved Jest. Any way Jest and her decide to run to Chess together (with raven and the mad hatter) and they get this really weird prophecy from 3 dying sisters. The sisters said “Murderer, Matyr, Monarch, Mad”. Spoiler Alert the prophecy comes true. 

I Don’t Know What To Write About 💖

So I have to write something to get a good grade and I don’t have a creative brain so I can’t think of anything to write about.

All I can think of right now is that this is for a major grade and I am probably going to fail. She said to pick a topic and I choose nothing. Well I guess that is a topic… is it? Yeah I guess it is. I have a topic now. Yay.

Basketball! 🏀

I LOVE basketball! Basketball helps me when I get mad, or if my brothers are rly annoying me I will go play basketball. If you watch the video then practice the technique you will become super good!

-if you want to learn more go to this site.