ISR assignment

My book is The Book that Proves Time Travel Happens by Henry Clark. My book is about a boy named Ambrose and his friend Tom. Ambrose (Bro for short), goes to a Chinese fortune telling tent in a carnival with his friend Tom. They sneak inside even though the tent is closed. Bro saw really cool thing including a man in a magic glass ball. Then a girl called Frankie pops out and asks what they are doing. The two boys jump. Bro explains how he wanted a “fortune telling”.  He tells her how he saw a man in the glass ball. Frankie asks Bro and Tom to come and help her with something, to find a family treasure. Bro eagerly agrees and meets that night with Tom. They break into Bro’s school and head to the band room. A few teachers see them and chase them. They close themselves in the instument room. Frankie starts searching. She comes across something and searches through it. She finds a trombone. Bro and Tom are confused why the treasure is a trombone. The teachers start opening the door. Frankie puts the trombone to her mouth and blows… To find out what happens next read the book.