The Hero & Fenrir

The king is troubled, and has no idea what to do. The Lord of the Wolves – Fenrir – has slaughtered anyone that he sees. He is giant wolf with teeth sharp as spears. He must be stopped, and the king is choosing a daring hero and his soldiers to stop Fenrir. He has chosen me and my soldiers to kill Fenrir.
We will have 300 soldiers, armed with bows, spears, swords, and shields. We will ride on horseback, and surround the cave. Legend says that Fenrir sleeps at the entrance to Tartarus, and the dead guard him as he sleeps. The soldiers have been trained well by our generals. Me and my army will leave at dawn.
It is dawn, and our army is loading there supplies on their horses, and we will depart for Fenrir when we hear a call from Odin. When we get to the cave, we will enter slowly, waiting to strike. Then, we will hack the wolf to pieces.
It is time to depart, as we are leaving now. The cave is miles away. We will need plenty of food and water to survive the trip. Our soldiers are ready, and we head out.
We arrive at our first test. It is a crack that spews out lava, and the dead emerge from it. They are armored and have weapons. We fight bravely, as we kill every last one of them. However, we suffer a loss a pod 30 soldiers, including a general. I have been wounded myself. But we journey on anyway.
We arrive at an outpost of past soldiers, who have been taken by Fenrir. It is deserted, and only limbs remain. We travel onward after we rest and eat.
Then, one of our men spots the cave. We gear up, and head towards it. We are greeted by vast numbers of dead soldiers. They charge with swords, shields, and spears at hand. We cannot hold them. There are at least 200 with full armor. We fight bravely, and win, but lose many brave soldiers. Odin has seen are bravery, and has sent an elite crew of soldiers to our aid. Then Fenrir emerges, and we are flabbergasted by his size.
Fenrir swings his paw across our soldiers, throwing them into Hell. I dodge the swing, and get a shot at his arm. He roars, and summons soldiers from Hell. There are more now, and we are outnumbered, they kill our soldiers one by one, and Fenrir eats their bodies. The elite soldiers are even killed by the dead. They kill everyone, except me.

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