Open Letter to New Middle Schoolers

Dear Middle Schoolers,

You are about to walk through the double-doors of what you think will be a bigger, better version of your elementary school. You are in a place where the sound of a bell will dictate your every move and action, yet still the most hectic place you will ever be in.

In other words, you’re in middle school. And it’s nothing like elementary.

You’ll be bombarded with homework, class work, trying to juggle all your papers around along with all the school supplies your teachers made you buy. You’ll remember your locker combo, forget it over break, pull your hair out because you also forgot your gym locker. You’ll carry your schedule around as you walk down the halls, hustling from point A to B so you won’t be tardy; You wonder how the heck one is supposed to get from their locker to science class on time, only to figure out that there is a shortcut that no one has bothered to show you.

But over time, you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll be fine, well, you’ll survive anyways.

Ask for help. Ask teachers, who know what it is like being here. Ask older kids, who have more experience than you. Listen to their advice. And remember it. No one likes repeating something because you forgot it. By next year, you will know this place like the back of your hand.

Keep a clean reputation. People gossip in middle school. Even teachers. If everyone knows that you are a “bad” kid, then life is going to get tough for you real quick. Adults will start keeping a closer eye on you, students will talk about you behind your back, your teachers will start warning the 7th and 8th grade teachers about your behavior. You won’t get a clean slate. So be the good kid. Show up to class on time, listen to what the teacher is saying, and stay out of trouble. Without a target on your back, you’ll breeze through middle school.

Don’t think of this place as torture; think of it as a place to get stronger. Who knows?
You might end up loving it.


When I was a little kid, I begged my parents to get me some pet fish. Now, as my older, wiser, teenage self, I’ve realized that fish are the worst pet you could possibly get.

First, fish are the most boring pet. For dogs, you can play fetch with them. For cats, you can watch them claw your couch. For fish? You can watch them swim around in circles until you get so bored that you decide to feed them again even though you just gave them food 20 minutes ago. Imagine if you were a pet fish; you would have no friends, no family, and nothing to keep you entertained. In fact, I would want my owner to put me out of my misery!

Secondly, fish die too quickly. Imagine if you had to get a new fish every year because your old one died. That’s once every year where your little brother Timmy would cry over the dead fish. Then he would arrange a funeral for the fish. Then he would bury the fish in the ground. Then you would have to tell him that the dead fish went to “fish heaven” and was in a better place.

The Finding Nemo characters might think otherwise, but I think that fish are food, not friends.


I don’t understand what the fuss is with shoes these days. Of course, this is coming from a guy with no shoe knowledge and is currently wearing $30 Asics, but, I’m here to share my opinions about  shoes.

First off, some shoes are completely overpriced. Take Yeezys for example, a pair of shoes that can cost more than $2000! I don’t think    they’re worth it considering that the shoes look like sturdy trash bags. Also, you can buy fake Yeezys for about $20; So basically, you’re paying $1980 for the brand, and $20 for the shoes.

Another thing about shoes is how much critism you can receive from just wearing them. Trust me, I’ve witnessed these “shoe roasts” firsthand, and I’ve found out that no matter how expensive or stylish your shoes are, people will still find a way to tear them down.

It’s simple; shoes are meant to be worn, not shown off and insulted upon.




The Pros and Cons of Spring

Spring: the time of year that seems all happy and peaceful. But keep in mind that with every good thing there’s a bad thing attached to it. And with that thought planted in your brain, I present to you the pros and cons of Spring.

Ahh, Spring. The time of year where nature rejuvenates itself to look its greatest. That’s wonderful and all, but do you really have to give me allergies in the process? Everything looks so nice during Spring; It almost makes me forget that STAAR Tests are right around the corner. It’s like all nature comes out during Spring; I just wish all the ugly bugs would crawl back into their holes. Spring reminders me that the school year is almost over. Then again, the teachers have had enough of us and are getting cranky.

As you can see, there are both good and bad things about Spring (I wanted to include some good things so I won’t sound so whiney).

Why Teen Skills is Useless

Teen skills. It seems like no one will stop talking about it. Whether people are talking about making food, sewing, or some other so-called “teen skill,” I think that teen skills is the most useless class you could take.

One thing people from teen skills brag about is that they get to make food: crepes, pizza, cookies, you name it. Do you know why I think this “skill” is useless? All of this stuff is JUNK FOOD! Think about it, if you ate  crepes, pizza, and cookies everyday for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t have much more life to live! People wonder why Americans are growing more and more obese– could it be because we are teaching them how to make junk food at an early age?

Another “skill” these teenagers learn is how to sew. S-s-sewing? Seriously? It’s 2017; no one sews anymore. Grandmas sew, fashion designers sew, teenage boys and girls? No, they do not sew.  What they should teach instead is how to find good, cheap clothes at the mall. Some might call me thrifty, but I think that buying good, cheap clothes is more important than sewing your own.

I think that these skills are pretty useless and  won’t get you anywhere in life.





The Beach

Some people think that the beach is a place to have fun and relax. But I think that going to the beach is a pretty stupid way to do those things.

First of all, it is way too hot at the beach. The glaring sun drains all the energy out of you, thus preventing you from having fun. So now the only choice you have is to go in the water…

Thinking of taking a dip? Think again! All you’ll do is get sand and sediments all over yourself. Literally, sand will be everywhere: in your hair, on your swimsuit, even inside your swimsuit. Trust me, you’ll regret it when you have to spend twenty minutes getting all that sand off you.

With the beach’s hot sun, miles of sand, and disgusting seawater, I think I’ll just stick to the pool.

Universal Studios

Last winter break, I went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I had the best time of my life there, and I think every teenager must go there at least once.

There are a variety of different rides at Universal Studios. Slow rides  for chickens, fast rides for thrill seekers, water rides, highly visual rides. There are also tons of references to your favorite books and movies. Are you a Potterhead? Go visit Diagon Alley and see Gringotts Bank, Fred and George’s joke shop, and a fire-breathing dragon (doing all this as you sip on a cup of Butterbeer). Are you a fan of action movies? Go ride along side your favorite movie heroes and watch them fight crime. This place will keep you entertained for hours on end.

This is the place where you can be teleported into the world of your favorite characters. It is an experience that  you can’t forget.


I dislike a lot of things about school. Tests, boring classes (not your’s, Mrs. Kriese), school projects, the list goes on and on. But the worst thing about school is the homework.

For quizzes and tests, you are alerted ahead of time, they only happen about once a week, and it takes up school time, not your free time. It is a bit of a nuisance, but it’s not too bad. For homework, it’s a lot different. You are assigned homework daily, It eats up your free time, and it consistently take about 20-30 minutes long. Out of all these classes, math homework has got to be the worst. 15-20 boring, repetitive problems that can easily take a long time.

I personally think that homework (especially math homework) should be shortened down a bit. Why assign us excessive problems if we already understand the concept?


Friday! Everyone’s favorite day. The day where you spend all of your time at school just daydreaming about the upcoming weekend. But why is everyone’s favorite day Friday, and not Saturday or Sunday?

Truth be told, I have know idea why people look forward to Friday so much. Sure, you know that tomorrow’s the beginning of the weekend, but that doesn’t really change anything. You still have to wake up early, go to school, slog through your classes, and do your homework. Whereas for Saturday or Sunday, you can sleep to your heart’s content, not do anything but leisure activities, and not give a single thought about anything school related.

I personally think that Friday’s overrated. Why would Friday be your favorite day, where all you get to do is look forward to the weekend, than the actual weekend, where you could actually enjoy yourself?

The Forest

The Forest lives until the end of time,
with its trees, wild grass and thyme,
all of the nature, moving around,
This is a forest, full of sound.

The trickling water from a nearby creek,
The vibrant song from a Blue Jay’s beak,
The grasshoppers chirping, and jumping around,
This is a forest, full of sound.

The perpetual motion of a cutting saw,
The sound of construction, from near and afar,
The thunking of trees, falling to the ground,
This is a forest, full of sound.

I wrote about forests and saving them.
I wrote about this topic because there is lots of imagery in this setting, and I found that I could put a shift in it. I also care about this topic, and want people to do something about it.
I choose to make the poem rhyme, and focused on the connotation of some words.
I hope that my readers will be moved or touched by this poem, and hopefully pay more attention to the little things like not wasting paper and recycling.

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