The Beach

Some people think that the beach is a place to have fun and relax. But I think that going to the beach is a pretty stupid way to do those things.

First of all, it is way too hot at the beach. The glaring sun drains all the energy out of you, thus preventing you from having fun. So now the only choice you have is to go in the water…

Thinking of taking a dip? Think again! All you’ll do is get sand and sediments all over yourself. Literally, sand will be everywhere: in your hair, on your swimsuit, even inside your swimsuit. Trust me, you’ll regret it when you have to spend twenty minutes getting all that sand off you.

With the beach’s hot sun, miles of sand, and disgusting seawater, I think I’ll just stick to the pool.

One thought on “The Beach”

  1. I also think that the beach is overrated. Sand always seems to end up in my shoes, and I am always scared to go into the seemingly calm water. I have found a life hack that works for me to get sand off as quickly as possible. If you sprinkle baby powder on sand-covered legs, the sand clumps up and is really easy to brush off.

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