Okay so I’m kind of freaking out about this new Harry Potter book. I’m not sure if I should read it or not, because there are people who are saying it makes your perfect image of the end of Harry Potter shatter. I am going to be posting a lot of reviews (mostly good) about different books so if you are stumped on books to read, stay tuned!

There is an AMAZING fanfiction about Harry Potter in this website called Wattpad. It’s basically this website where you can share your stories without worrying about copyright and blah blah zzzzz. Sorry, I just fell asleep thinking about those boring obstacles to becoming the best writer IN THE WORLD. Some extraordinary writers got discovered on Wattpad, and went on to make hardcopies, and get it published! You can also read other people’s work, AND ITS ALL FREE!!! Sorry, I like Wattpad a lot. Anyway, search up Harry Potter and the Guardian and I promise you will not be able to put it down. It’s about Cecelia, who is a Necromancer (able to revive people from the dead) and she revives Bellatrix, and a bunch of other death eaters. Did I mention she was the wife of Sirius? Oh yeah, and I want to write more, but I am going to definitely spoil something so I’ll end the post now.

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