The Swamp

There is one trail near my house that I call “The Swamp”.

My dog Mona loves to play in The Swamp, but every time I go there, I get the chills. Mo will tug me towards the winding staircase until my body gives up. One step in, and it is suddenly colder. Mo doesn’t seem to mind though. She will splash into the water, and then I am soaking wet.

Suddenly, I will hear something. Usually it’s a twig snapping, or leaves rustling. Something that tells me I am not alone in The Swamp. Finally, I put my foot down. I yank on Mo’s leash, and tell her it’s time to go home.

I will conquer The Swamp another day.


  1. Hi Kristi!
    In my school that is in Portugal we use books and we have only the library to go to the computers, only for thirty minutes.
    I have to assume i got curious about your school, could you say more about your school?

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