Mercy the House Elf, Part One


If you look in the window of the 2nd house on Charring Cross Road, you will find a small speck of leftover peanut butter. To the mere mortal eye, this is not strange but the smallest child of this household is allergic to peanuts. So why would there be peanut butter in the house when everyone knows that the smallest dab could put the girl into a coma?

Mercy of course. He has never been very careful about these kind of things, and that might cause that child her life.

Mercy lives in a box. Not a big, spacious box that you get when your mother orders pots, but a tiny, cramped box intended for storage of dog biscuits. At the stroke of midnight, Mercy crawled out of the dusty pantry to clean the house. He never went into the bedrooms, but the rest of the house was spotless. When he finished, he snuck back into the box and slumbered once more, exhausted after the night’s work. Little did he know, that would be the last time he would ever sleep peacefully again.

Thanks for reading my Harry Potter fan fiction! Stay tuned for more of Mercy’s story.



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