The Moon

Her crescent shape lights up the sky

Her angled body curling over

As if she was wrapping around a baby.

Her skin

A luminous white.

Borrowing the sun’s light

Until he wakes up from his slumber.

She rules the night

Takes care of her subjects.

Every night, she is changing.

Melting, then coming back out again.

And when the sun comes out

To relieve her of sitting vigil.

You can still see her crescent body

Peeking from behind the clouds.


Thank you for reading my poem! I was inspired by The Shark by Edwin John Pratt. I love to watch the moon, and wondered if she had her own feelings. And yes, it is a she. (Her name is Luna!) I tried to use many details to emphasize her importance, and I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. This is a beautiful poem Kristi.
    my favorite line is “her crescent shape lights up the sky” I love your poems Kristi please post more
    you are so amazing for coming up with these I’m blown away. the first moon related poem is the man is the moon, so good job! 🙂
    Have a fantastic day,

    1. Hi Paulo! I’m sorry I didn’t reply, I got inspired by a poem we read in class, “The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt. I thought it was so amazing, and decided to write this one.

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