Mercy the House Elf, Part Three

Read Part One Here.

You would expect that Mercy or his master would hear the deep rumbling of the monster that had awoken. But they did not. They kept laughing. Suddenly, a spike arced from the ground.


Another one appeared, just inches from Mercy’s foot. And another. And another, until there were so many, they formed a crack in the earth. And the earth broke.

At first it was slow. A few bits and crumbles there, and everyone relaxed. But that was just the beginning. It started to break, and Mercy ran. He ran the fastest he could, thinking that his master would be running with him. But when he looked back, his master was frozen still. His still tomato red face kept looking at the crack like he wanted to run but he couldn’t.

Mercy was torn. Either run after his master, or ensure his safety on the hill.

He ran. He ran towards the house he has grown to know and love. He ran towards the man that had brought him such joy. Once he got close enough, he did the impossible. The thing that he had kept hidden for all these years. He levitated the man and brought him back to safety before collapsing on the green grass of the hill.

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