A Different Christmas

When someone says Christmas, most people think of snow on an open field, small twinkling lights hanging above your window, boatloads of presents piled under your highly decorated tree. But I think that we have lost the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is about giving back. Giving back to your parents, who have done so much for you. They have gone above and beyond, giving you the very essence of their being to you. Despite putting a roof over your head and food on your plate, they still think that giving you presents twice a year is a necessary thing. Giving back to the poor, who are no different than you other than having a little less luck. Giving back to the world, which needs a lot of improvement that you can do.

So this year, instead of making a wish list, give back to your community and have a different Christmas.


  1. Beautiful message, beautifully written!

    I appreciate the sentence variety, the magic three, the use of repetition, the organization…well done!

  2. I agree; kids these days think that Christmas is all about Santa and presents. They need to learn what Christmas is really about (I suggest forcing them to read A Christmas Carol).

    P.S It’s unfortunate that Texas gets no snow in Christmas; it would add so much more festivity in the air.

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